The Impossible Love Story

Lizzie McLilliar has a boyfriend, His name is Alex Thorpe.
Lizzie has two horses already. Light-bolt; a black Friesian stallion, currently at sixteen point one hands high and fifteen years old. Dotty; a gentle dapple grey mare, fifteen hands high and ten years old.
When Lizzie finds another, ill, horse and discovers that he only allows her to touch him, will she take him in?
And will her and Alex still manage to keep up their strong relationship?


2. Chapter 2

Light-Bolt came to a halt. His mane and tail were blowing gently in the warm summer breeze. Lizzie's black hair was being blown gently, and the blue highlights looked slightly more noticeable. "She looks so gorgeous with her hair like that" thought Alex to himself.

Lizzie dismounted and got out a small blanket and picnic hamper from her stuffed backpack. She laid out the blanket and took two carrots out of the hamper. She gave one to Light-bolt and the other to dotty. Then she run up her stirrups, whilst Alex just about got off. He did the same thing, before they both sat on the red chequered blanket.

Light-bolt looked romantically towards Dotty. She looked up, before turning around and flicking her grey tail in his face, reminding him they were to be no more than best friends.

Alex finished eating his jam sandwich, then held Lizzies hand. Lizzie looked deeply into his eyes, as he slowly kissed her lip to lip.

About a minute later and they were still kissing. Dotty was getting bored, and walked over to them. They still took no notice. She poked her head in. Still nothing. She licked both of them on the forehead, and they suddenly opened their eyes. "DOTTY!" said Lizzie, very sarcastically. Alex rubbed Dotty's mane, then they both stood up. He stroked Lizzie's hair, before they walked over to Dotty, who was waiting impatiently to go. Lizzie got back on Light-Bolt, and they started walking back home. 

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