The Impossible Love Story

Lizzie McLilliar has a boyfriend, His name is Alex Thorpe.
Lizzie has two horses already. Light-bolt; a black Friesian stallion, currently at sixteen point one hands high and fifteen years old. Dotty; a gentle dapple grey mare, fifteen hands high and ten years old.
When Lizzie finds another, ill, horse and discovers that he only allows her to touch him, will she take him in?
And will her and Alex still manage to keep up their strong relationship?


1. Chapter 1

"Walk on Light-bolt" Lizzie asked her horse as they walked along the narrow country road. Her life was, in her view, perfect right now. She had two beautiful and kind horses, Dotty and Light-bolt, and she had the best boyfriend in the world, Alex Thorpe.

Everyone knew that Alex Thorpe was the hottest boy in the year. He had chocolatey brown eyes, and soft matching hair. He always looked good, whatever he was wearing. Today, he was wearing navy jodhpurs and a white designer top.

"Walk on Dotty" he said. Light-bolt and Dotty were happy walking next to each other, although Dotty would never allow Light-bolt get too romantic to her. They were good friends, and Lizzie and Alex were a bit more than that. 

They walked slowly to a little pathway leading to a forest. "Follow me" Lizzie said softly to Alex, before pushing Light-bolt into a trot. Dotty gave it a few seconds, then went into trot herself. Alex copied Lizzie, and started rising, until they stopped at a small lake.

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