Killer Cats

Kirsten was almost normal, but not just quite. Just a silly girl and totally creeped out friends, what can possibly go right? Although out of all her friends her favorite, and most messed up was Syd. Her cat buddy, though, seemed nice enough, but if you watched him at night you would see him planning things. Many people thought she was crazy when she told you this, but not her friend Syd. They had stayed up late one night and watched buddy make plans. They were frightened but were unable to get anyone to believe them.
Tonight was a night like any other. It was June 8th. The girls knew from many nights of watching Buddy that this was the night Buddy’s plans went into action. He, Buddy, was going to set fire to the city. They lived in the heart of Chicago. He called the fire ‘The Great Chicago Fire Reincarnated’. He had an army of cats living across the city. Tonight at exactly 7 the city would burn. The girls had tried to get rid of Buddy but he always came back.


2. Revenge

     "But how" I spluttered. "You'd think dropping me from a building would kill me? Ha! Yeah right. If you must know cats always land on there feet hence the limp" he sneered. "Why are you doing this" I growled. "Humans have had control to long! We must kill them off! First Chicago, then Hong Kong, and finally the world. When humans die off cats will take over! MWAHAHAHA!" He said. I lost it I kicked him catching him off guard. I hit him again and he passed out. I used these moments to text syd, "buddy is alive, come quick!" She responded almost immediately. "On my way!" I breAthed a sigh of relief. I had an idea so I stuck buddy in a closet and grabbed a bucket running to the kitchen. I remember in the hunger games how katniss tried to drown buttercup in a bucket but prim saved him, that's what I'm going to do minus the saving. After it was filled I ran back to my room, luckily my parents were at some dinner party thing and wouldn't be back until late. I grabbed buddy and shoved him in the bucket and duct taping a fine wire mesh, so strong he couldn't cut it with just his nails . After making sure it was secure I heard a door open and close. "KIRSTEN" I heard syd say. "IN HERE" I yell back. She walks in. "You can't be drowning him can you?" She said. "No I left air holes so he'll die when his legs get tired and he sinks to the bottom." I calmly stated. "I can hear you" I heard buddy declare causing both me and syd to jump in fear. "Just die no one likes you" syd spit like the words were poison. "Make me" he taunted. "What do you think we're doing?" She stormed out. I glared at him through the mesh before saying "meet you in hell" and joining syd in the living room. "I'll get my revenge sooner or later!" He cackled. Now I was freaked out. 

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