Journey With Hazza *Sequel to Adopted By Hazza*

Darcy is now 12, Rae and Collin are 8. Darcy is considered the "odd ball" at school. She's bullied by a girl named Perry. One day she is walking home from school, cause no one picked her up from school, while she was walking she saw Perry being beaten by her parents. She wanted to help but she didn't know how. She kept walking and when she got home she ran to her room. She couldn't tell anyone but she had to. She told her dad and what happens when they take Perry in? Will they become friends or will they stay enemies?


3. Chapter 3

I got into the kitchen and saw my mom standing there with her arms crossed. I looked at her then saw Collin standing behind her. "Why didn't you tell us you were being bullied?!" she asked me.

"You told her!" I yelled at Collin.

He stepped more behind mom. "You keep him out of this!" mom yelled back.

Then dad came in. "What's going on in here?" he asked.

"How about your daughter explains..." mom said looking at dad.

"I-I..." I started then ran to my room. I closed the door and laid on my bed crying. I cried into the pillow. Then I heard the door open. Someone came into the room and sat down next to me. "G-go away!" I stuttered into the pillow.

"Now is that anyway to talk to your father?" dad asked. I looked at him and he wiped my tears away. "Are you going to tell me what's wrong?"

I sighed. "I-I'm bullied at school, and," I pulled up my sleeve and showed him my wrist. He grabbed it and I mumbled "I'm sorry..."

"Why darc?" he asked hurt.

"I-I couldn't take it..." I explained.

"Darcy don't ever let words get to you, they mean nothing. Don't listen to them, Darcy you are a beautiful young girl. I'm so happy you're my daughter, please don't ever do this to me..." he explained then kissed my wrist.

"I promise daddy..."

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