Journey With Hazza *Sequel to Adopted By Hazza*

Darcy is now 12, Rae and Collin are 8. Darcy is considered the "odd ball" at school. She's bullied by a girl named Perry. One day she is walking home from school, cause no one picked her up from school, while she was walking she saw Perry being beaten by her parents. She wanted to help but she didn't know how. She kept walking and when she got home she ran to her room. She couldn't tell anyone but she had to. She told her dad and what happens when they take Perry in? Will they become friends or will they stay enemies?


1. Chapter 1

Darcy's POV
"You are a slut Darcy Styles!" She called to me. I kept my head down. I don't know what I did to deserve this. Being called slut, whore, bitch, prick, etc. I have to stay strong though. For my parents. Collin, Rae. Everyone in my family. 

The final bell rang and I ran to my locker. I grabbed my bag and started walking outside. Then someone grabbed me and pushed me against a locker. It was Perry, my bully. "You don't deserve to be Harry Styles daughter! You are a slut and have probably slept with everybody in this school already! Go die in a hole you bitch!" Then she left with her minions. I grabbed my sore arm and continued walking outside with my head down. 

I saw my dad waiting there and I walked over to him. "Hey dad..." I greeted. 

He put an arm around my shoulder and led me to the car. "Hey baby doll!" He responded. We reached the car and he asked me "How was school?"

"Same..." I told him. He doesn't know about Perry. I won't tell him, I won't tell anyone. I looked out the window as he started the car.

"Oh..." He dropped the subject and drove home.
A/N sucky first chapter but it's a filler trust it will get better!


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