The institution

On Halloween, I was laying on my bed. I was falling asleep, when i heard the latch on my window open. A figured walked in. I called for help...but no one heard me.

Now I have no need for food, blood is all I need to survive...


1. The Begnining

My name was Wednesday Webard. Twenty four, i was quite the charmer to young gentlemen down the pub. Maybe too much. I had no children, no long term relationships, just drinks and flirting. I ended up with someone almost every night, didn't last long, by morning they had gone back to their wives and girlfriends. You're probably wondering why i was in that mental hospital right? You probably picture me as a girl who won't take no for a answer, not scared of a soul. Wrong! It was a saturday morning, about two o'clock. I was walking home from a man's flat, when I heard a laugh. Being high as a kite, I thought it was a young couple, happy as can be, walking home. I kept walking, when suddenly, I saw a women biting a guys neck. I thought to myself "Get a room." I must have said it out loud. The women turned round fiercely, looking straight at me. It doesn't take a genius to figure out what the person was, it was only when the figure moved closer the clues came together. I went to the police station straight away, I told them i had seen a vampire, they just laughed. I pleaded, they thought I was seriously ill. I chained my self to trees, threatened to jump off buildings, but they didn't believe me. I saw the vampire everyday, she followed me down alleys, corridors and through my flat. I went crazy after a while, gave up drinking, thinking it was a drunk's thing. It didn't shove. I became nervous to step out the door. Neighbours reported it to the police. They assest me for a while. It got worst, I saw her in my mirror, watching me with her piercing red eyes. On a sunday, there was a knock at my door. A man was standing there, he told me to pack my things. I got in a car. I stepped out and searched the premises, thinking the vampire was somewhere to be seen. I was escorted to the reception. I was in a mental hospital...

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