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Everyone has seen a special needs person around but how do we say hello or the different things that we don't realize hurt them more then we think. It is a day to day thing but simple changes can make someone’s day a little better!!!
(A/N: this is based off of my experiences with special needs students and being one myself)


1. Specal

When you hear the turn special needs what do you think about? The small kid in the wheelchair or the autistic teen that is annoying you during your test? Or the worst case the person that can't function without being on feeding tubes?

We are each unique in our own way, you'd possibly heard that so many times before in our lives but so many are singled out or stared at constantly because of our so called disability. I know this personally because I have one myself, I am almost a twenty year heart transplant on August 20, 2014 and I have seen both sides of being special needs some excellent others need to be changed for the better.

First off we need to treat everyone equal. Better said than done right? But it is true you have no idea how much a single everyday task like going to school every day or just walking around can be so rewording to them and then someone, without the person knowing can outright bully them and that always disgusts me because I had been there as well. Seeing a child mingled into distracting the rest of the class just because of a funny smile and the child doesn’t know any better.

Plus everyone needs to be included into almost everything. I understand on some activities that some kids can't play at all but that doesn’t mean to single them out completely, just switch the game up a smidge so everyone can play like instead of true soccer with a normal ball (wheelchair height.) you can play with a oversize one or find a stick that can be used like legs to pass or even move the ball around and still be in the game.

Plus while I'm on the topic of sports. Accommodations during these sports games are starting to fire under question as a "advantage" or "unfair" to the athlete when all honesty it is perfectly needed. Some people can't see real well or can't see at all so they need a clicker or bells to know where their teammates are or just simply where the net or goal is. Some people think this is an advantage? Not hardly in my book but so many people don't realize that even though the kid is special needs it might open your eyes a little to see the world differently and to have the child call you coach might be just as rewording as learning how to handle special needs people.

And that is another topic to question, how to handle someone with special needs?

My personal way is to get to know them instead of dodging them. Because their story might surprise you in doing better or just being a good friend. Plus include one person once a day to lunch or just to get them out of their rut and to make them feel belonging that is usually all it takes is someone to partner up with that one person and then who knows the job could be a lot better than what it was if you just did it with your best friend.

 Also another thing that annoys me about being special needs is the questions or seeing a hole in the wall classroom that might as well be a storage closet when it is a special needs classroom. That is wrong because one it is isolating the students! In my mind it diminishes the fact that some schools are trying to reduce bullying when all honesty, the school is encouraging it because they are isolated with only a small group of students that are like them or even know them. That can be a good thing to some but it shows the students their world not that there is more than just their world of being that special needs or that there are normal people out there and they can be just like them and push the person and light a flame to be better and not teach them that they are supposed to be in this category since they didn't understand abc's at second grade or that they couldn't hear or walk at all.

but some schools are changing this and letting students chose to be in normal classes like I did or intergrade them to be with the normal students, with assistance of curse and It is vary good to show them that they can be like everyone else. But if the classes are not intergraded try to find at least where the special needs classes are and try to volunteer in the aria as well trust me it is a lot more rewording than what you think or just say hi. Also showing someone around the school or workplace a little larger than their world will help them since they are used to their aria especially if you know if the aria isolates the special needs because they might not know where the restroom even is.

Also being looked upon hurts just as much as physical or emotional bullying. It can make someone feel alienated or wonder "Why are those people staring at me?" instead of staring try communicating see why they act the way they do or see that they can overcome an everyday task without something so simple to you and I. And don't be afraid to complement! Especially on a younger person or someone that you know runs on positivity. It can be something so simple but can make someone's day.

Helping someone out can make someone's day as well. Go ahead and take the steps if you can that way if you know an elevator is normally crowded someone can use it that needs it. The workout can make you a better person and make you a little healthier and that person would be glad that they don’t have to scurry to class and be a few minutes late  and get a nasty detention because the teachers only see the attendance reports and treat the person the same as everyone else, sometimes.

Also don’t baby the person if they don’t like it and keep your questions short. That can upset them and you might not even notice. There is a fine line of asking and overdoing them. You have to know that some kids hate explaining what their disability and please except that. Some people might have just recently gotten through with being described as special needs and just starting with the transition. That or they hate being asked more than what they want. Usually people just say what the disability is and leave it at that and sometimes that is all that needs to be said.

Also being special needs does not give anyone the right to do everything for them. If you see someone struggling that is one thing but sometimes, again there is a fine line between helping and helping too much. Remember that line when you see someone struggling with something. If it is just a few minutes and they are getting more and more frustrated go ahead and help but ask first and don’t be offended if they are a bit snappy or say otherwise. Also don’t be annoyed with the people that cling to you since you might not notice but you might just be the first person other than their family that they might like or associate with.

Everyone is unique and that is ok. But it is how we deal with them is the difference. You can be a friend and break the barrier for the person that would be alone because of the disability and some might not be as bad as you might think but others might surprise you and inspire you to do better and be a better person. You just need to get to know the person and hopefully we can show that disabled people don’t have to be singled out but included into a normal world and to be accepted into society.

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