My Bestie and Me

When Violet finds out some bad news, she is heart broken. She skips school, traps herself in her bedroom, what ever next?


2. Chapter 1 - The move

"Lovely Orange Chocolate Bar!" shouted a familiar voice on the other side of my door. I got off my bed and stood up, putting down my Bliss magazine, with my ear on my door.

"It's Vanilla Barbeque seeking Jango," I replied.

There was a slight pause and then 5 knocks then the voice said,

"IJSVB," this just means "It's Jango seeking Vanilla Barbeque".

"You may enter," I said as I unlocked the three locks on the door and Jango entered. "Welcome Jango," I said jokingly laughing.

I then closed my door and locked it, still laughing.

"What?" asked Jango, confused.

"Oh Jo," I say still chuckling shaking my head. She can be so dumb sometimes. we go to lay on my bed.

"What? I think Jango is a very good name, don't you think Vi?"

I nod but drool. Jo looks at me weirdly. "Who is this pancake?" Jo asks peering over my shoulder looking down at my Bliss mag.

I turn to look at her "That's Gok,"

Jo turns white as a ghost. Then out of the blue (without the murdering of smurfs) we both laugh hysterically; we scooched to the edge of my bed, trying to breath.

"Jo, I  can't wait for this summer! We can go to the mall, go on holiday with each other, shop," I say all siked up, "It'll be a BLAST!" there's a pause, "Jo? You hear me?" I poke her. "Earth to Jo? Earth to Jo? You read?" With me knowing that Jo loves reading.

"I don't feel like reading right now, Vi," Jo replied, not acting like her normal self.

"Jo, what's wrong?" I ask but really I didn't want to know the answer.

Jo's head in her hands. All of a sudden she brings up her head and collapsed on me , her hands round her neck and begins to sob.

"Oh Vi it's terrible!" she exclaims angerly, still sobbing.

"Why? Wha....... What's going-" Jo interrupts.

"I'm moving Vi," she said bravely rubbing away her tears.

I start to laugh (knowing the truth before I was told the answer) "Were to? It can't be far"

"Well it's quite away, away," Jo replied sadly.

"Well daa! When you move, you do move away, away-" Jo interrupts me AGAIN.

"I'm moving 7 hours away Vi,"

I turn white as a ghost, "BBut.... But......... Bu-" I stutter.

"I'm sorry," Jo replies sadly, "I know, 7 hours away is quite away, awa-" I interrupt Jo this time.

"Quite away, away?! 7 hours away is very away, away, away!"

We both collapse backwards so we're laying on my bed looking up at my ceiling.

"I'm SO sorry, Vi" Jo says sympathetically.

We both sit up slowly.

"So were you moving to then?" I ask.

"Some academy," she replied.

I sigh.

"What?" Jo questioned.

"How much money you got?" I asked randomly.

"About 50 with me but I can get 120 from my birthday, why?"

"Mall!...... Let's go!" I say grabbing our purses.

"Why?" Jo asks watching me running round in my room (not literally because it's a metaphor, you people mustn't take metaphors seriously).

"1. Shop our pain away 2. It'll be our last chance, for now 3. Why not!" I say giving Jo her purse, "Com'on bestie,"

She grabs hold of the purse, "Ok," she nods and gets up.

"Off we go,"


We get back from the mall and plonk ourselves on my bed because the bags are too heavy (1. We do have muscles 2. We're NOT shop-a-holics  3. We only spent £1000 between us (I guess we are shop-a-holics))

"Feel better?" I ask. But Jo bursts into tears again.

"NO!" She screams, her eyes red sore, "I don't want to loose you,"

"You not," Jo looks at me.

"Huh?" Jo said, surprised, rubbing her tears away.

"You're not..... We'll meet again, I promise" I reassure her, tears rolling down our cheeks.

"Best friends forever?" Jo asks.

"Best friends forever, I reassure her again.

We put our charm that are on our bracelets together. The charms are the heart split in two and when you put it together it says "BEST FRIEND". But our one is different. When you put the heart together and turn it around it says:

"Life is too short to cry alone. Find your best friend who will take your hand to tell you 'It will be ok' and will fight your battles with you"


I hug Jo. She hugs me. We both cry. Put our charms together and say "Best friends forever" in sync.

I watch her get into her car. I wave as I see my best friend drive away. She is hanging at her window and looks at me; I look at her. We say nothing. We both cry but smile as we remember the fun times we had. Jo suddenly shouts out,


I nod. I run after the car as it goes into the distance. Who am I kidding? She is going to make new friends by the time I next see her again.

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