Lola is just an ordinary girl with 2 annoying brothers and a dad. But this dream she keeps having Is freaking her out. Does this dream mean something? Are these creatures in her dream real? They obviously can't be . They're no such thing as vampires! Like pfft. But only Lola knows. That all her nightmares come true. When she leashes a power she never knew she had.


2. Chapter Two

I giggle looking at my texts Angelina kept sending and i just kept sending a question mark she's like gonna murder me. I finally decide enough is enough.

To Angelina:

hey hey hey girl! im sowwy it was like funny xD BUT i still love you! dont weave me ! i luff you!

I then see her walking up the street and jump on her back giggling "Angelina!" i squeal as she screams. I smirk and jump down as she holds her heart. "I know. I know. Im the best pal eva!" I laugh while hugging her , she hugs back then turns to look at me .

"You stupid girl! I could've had an heart attack!" She gasps and pushes me away. I burst out laughing and continue to walk with her.

"You're welcome." she mumble a mhhm and sends me a cheeky text. I gasp and push her into a bush running away.

"Lola!" She screams. I smile and run back.

"Whattie?" I ask raising an eyebrow smiling.

"HELP!" She giggles trying to get up. I reach out my hand and she takes it pulling me in also. i lay in the bush laughing. We stay there for atleast 10 minutes till we hear a cough. We quickly sit up.

"Hello Lola," Calum smirks and takes a picture before running off.


I flick through my FaceBook sighing when I come over a picture. It was me in the bush with Angelina! the post was : Found sister in da bush with her best pal. MMMMMM wonder what she was doing? ;) : I groan in frustration and turn my phone off. "Lousy fucking brothers!" I shout untill i hear someone shout my name. I follow the voice and stand infront of a boy I haven't seen before. But I knew his face. Not him but his face. He was dreamlike....

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