Lola is just an ordinary girl with 2 annoying brothers and a dad. But this dream she keeps having Is freaking her out. Does this dream mean something? Are these creatures in her dream real? They obviously can't be . They're no such thing as vampires! Like pfft. But only Lola knows. That all her nightmares come true. When she leashes a power she never knew she had.


1. Chapter One

Running through the trees I scream I was no match for this creature following me. It was incredibly fast. It was just a blur threw the trees. This thing was definitely inhuman. What was this creature.

That's when I wake up. Gasping for air. I have had that dream so many times. I get u slowly sighing. So hey I'm Lola , a normal geeky gal. Brunette. That dream has been on my mind for 3 weeks now , the exact dream. It's getting scary.... I've learned to not get so scared anymore. But oh well.

I sigh looking at my clock '6:00 am' I groan getting up. Mornings everyone hates 'em.. I go to the shower room stripping before the boys get to it. So by boys I mean brothers Paul and Calum , twins , both 16. I strip closing the door not bothering to lock it. They'll NEVER be up at this time. I turn on the shower stepping into the cold rain of water. It gradually begins to warm up. I grab the soap off of the shelf and wash myself. I look about for the shampoo and see it on the sink. I get out slowly and carefully getting it before I hear a gasp .

"OH MY GOD ! I'm blind!" Calum shouts only causing Paul to come in. Quickly I grab my towel covering my self

"Get out..." I growl.

They chuckle leaving the room. I get back in very quickly washing my hair then getting back out running to my bedroom cold. I jump about for a while ,cold. I then grab my hair dryer turning it on blasting it through my hair. Once done I put it in a high pony. I look through my wardrobe sighing, I get out a pair of red shorts with tights along with a sparkly black top. I put everything away adding a touch of make-up then go down the stairs. I look over at Paul and Calum "And why are yous up do early?" I ask sending a glare to them.

"Because we wanted to piss you off this morning!" Calum chuckles. I roll my eyes getting some cereal.

"And yous are ready?" I ask again.

They shake their heads.

"I advise you to get ready. Father wouldn't be so happy if you got up to annoy me," I smile sweetly. Being a dad's little girl is da best XD they roll their eyes and trudge up the stairs pushing each other. Holding the spoon in my mouth I reach over for my phone. I see I have like 15 messages I chuckle and see there was 5 messages each minute that had been sent. It could be the one and only Angelina sending these messages . I leave them knowing I've seen them and continue eating. I hear a sudden burst of laughing up the stairs "P-Paul look at this.!" Calum laughs, "We gotta post these poses Lola on Facebook!" Hearing I quickly run u the stairs "What the fuck are you doing in my room ?!" I gasp taking my diary and IPad away.

"So what's the dream about the vampires?" Calum winks while Paul pisses himself laughing.

"Don't push my buttons," I scoff.

"Sure , sure," Calum dismisses me moving his hand.

"That's it.." I mumble tackling him to the bed.

"Lola!" He squeals.

"shut up dad will hear!" I hiss. I lean down and whisper in his ear , "I will tell everyone how you love One Direction," I chuckle evilly.

"you wouldn't dare," he growls. I let an evil smirk come over my face. I run into his room grabbing his phone and going on his Facebook and typing it into his status . He comes in and gasps looking at the status in the writing bar. "Now leave me alone or I press send," I laugh.

He shakes his head.

"Okay not my fault you'll be kind of laughed at ," I press send chucking his phone at him then leaving for school.


Like oft long chapter lol cx we'll I'm FINALLY doing an non fan fiction lol cx and FINALLY updating cause I'm that nice? Ohhhhh welllll. Well comment how you think this story is I would love to hear you're opinion on this first chapter. And tell me what I could do what is better. Love you all! ~Louise

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