Lola is just an ordinary girl with 2 annoying brothers and a dad. But this dream she keeps having Is freaking her out. Does this dream mean something? Are these creatures in her dream real? They obviously can't be . They're no such thing as vampires! Like pfft. But only Lola knows. That all her nightmares come true. When she leashes a power she never knew she had.


4. chapter 4

"I can't do that." I say shaking my head still crossing my arms.

"You'll die if you don't Lola!" The vampire exclaims. "You're mother told me before she was staked that I was to find you and do it. You're mother doesn't want you dead. She even said I've to teach you how to hunt as a vegetarian." He says a begging look in his eyes.

"a vegetarian?"

"Yes Lola. It means you'll hunt on animals not humans."

"And if I say no?"

"You'll die. Of a natural decease for half breeds."

"Which is?"

"Comoknowitis." He stated. I nod.

"How long to I have to decide?"

"Till midnight. Meet me here. And I will take your answer." And with that he disappears into the woods and I'm left standing alone. I wander back into the school a little dazed and staggering.

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