It's the 21st Century, can't we move on?

Written for the Political Comp. Issues about Same Sex Marriage.


1. Living in the Middle Ages.

Why are we Still living in the Middle Ages ?

                                                                Can't Love be Love ?

It's only been 12 years since the first country legalized same sex marriage, the United States of America only has certain States that allow same sex marriage. What's wrong with loving someone that's the same gender as you? 

It has a lot to do with peoples religion, and I'm not saying that religion is bad and that it's wrong, I'm just saying that Religion has had a large effect on what we deem acceptable in society. Religions such as  Branches Christianity, Orthodox Jews, Islam ,and Hindu have the view that same-sex marriage isn't acceptable, religion has/had been prominent in the law making back when laws were made on the issue, especially in the UK. The Catholic Church all but ran the country, with the King/Queen only there for show (just like many countries) . Due to the views that the Church has, and they have every right to have them, England ended up having no law that  enabled marriage between two people of the same sex. 

My point being, religion isn't associated with the law anymore, so why are we still living with their rules. Many people don't even have a religion and have no problem with the idea that people of the same gender like each other. So why can't we move on and allow it? As young children we are told to embrace who we are, only to grow up to find out that we can't be who we are. 

I respect that Religion is important, but can't we move past the past times and finally come into the 21st Century? 


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