Random Styles

Brittany is your average 20 year old girl except she has one closet secret she is a directioner. Even her best friend kitty doesn't know but soon she will find out what will happen when Brittany and kitty go to the mall?


1. Making plans

*This is my first movella please leave comment and tell me what you think*

Brittanys pov

So im your average girl the one that is not popular but not a loser im normal . I have long black hair with brown highlights and i have deep blue eyes. 

I wake up to screaming coming from my kitchen so i slowly get up out of bed and peak around the corner to see my parents arguing again so i go take a shower and get dressed i put on a pair of faded blue jeans and a plain grey v-neck t-shirt with my black nike high-tops and call my best friend kitty. When she answers the phone she sound like she is hyper "What do you want britt im getting dressed" she says. " i was wondering i you wanted to go to the mall in a little while" i ask "sure give me 15 minutes and come get me" she replied. So i grab my keys and get in my truck and head over to her house stopping at Starbucks to get a iced frappe. While I'm standing there waiting for my frappe i hear the most amazing and velvet voice behind me ordering the same thing i just ordered a carmel iced frappe. I turn to see the one and only Harry Styles of one direction standing there. All of a sudden my phone beeps i look at it ad see a text from kitty

From: kitty
Where are you im ready

To: kitty 
Im at Starbucks do you wants anything?

From: kitty
Duh i want a pumpkin french vanilla iced frappe.

To: kitty 
Ok and you will never believe who is in line behind me

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