Random Styles

Brittany is your average 20 year old girl except she has one closet secret she is a directioner. Even her best friend kitty doesn't know but soon she will find out what will happen when Brittany and kitty go to the mall?


2. Introductions

I put my phone in my pocket an add kitty's drink to my order. When my order is called i walk over to get the drinks and Harry introduces himself as if i don't know who he is. Harry's pov So i see the most beautiful girl i have ever laid eyes on and she ordered the same drink i did so i walk over and introduce myself hoping she doesn't realize I'm famous. "Hello" i say "Hi im brittany but my friends call me britt" she says with the most angelic voice. " im Harry But my mates call me hazza" wow that sounded lame.she just smiles and says " well harry me and my best friend are going to the mall care to join" i smileand reply " id love to but me and my mate louis where planning on hanging out if u want i can text him and see if he minds hanging out with you and your friend" i say. I pull out my phone and text louis To: louis Hey i met this girl an she wants to know if we woul like to hang with her and her friend at the mall? From: louis Sure pick me up and we will go To: louis Ok ill drop my car off and me and her will pick up her friend then come get u I put my phone back in my pocket and tell her what the plans are
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