Random Styles

Brittany is your average 20 year old girl except she has one closet secret she is a directioner. Even her best friend kitty doesn't know but soon she will find out what will happen when Brittany and kitty go to the mall?


3. Going to the mall

So after Harry tells me the plans we head to his house to drop off his car. We are in my jeep on the way to pick up Louis and w turn on the radio Best Song Ever is on and i start to sing " maybe its the way she walked right into my heart and stole through the doors and pass the guards just like she already owned it" i look over to see Harry stairing at me smiling. We pull up in front of Louis' and Harry pulls out his phone and dials him. Louis : L , Harry : H H: hey we are here its the green jeep out front L: the one parked in front of my moms handa civic? H: yup thats us L: ok be right out H: ok see you in a minute Harry hangs up and about a minute later Louis walks out and climbs in the jeep. As we pull away my phone rings "can u answer that and put i on speaker for me Harry" i ask and he answers it "hello" i say "where the hell are you im ready" kitty replies " we are about to pull up see you in a minute" i say and hang up. As i pull up sh goes to get in te front i roll the window down and te her to get in behind me and when she climbs in she is looking right into louis eyes and her jaw drops open. Louis looks at her and smiles " its not polite to stair ,Love" he says. Kitty leans foward and whispers in my ear " why didnt you tell me that 2 of the 5 memebers of one direction was coming to easton with us?" I just laugh as we pull into a parking spot at easton.
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