Night Walker

'They watch you. You think they don't, but they are, and when you have your guard down, they strike. No mercy.' This phrase has been told countless times in books, but is an unfamiliar saying for Aleni Lapsis. She's never believed in fairies, nymphs, or anything of the like. But vampires?

Aleni's starting to find out that there really ARE creatures that hide in the shadows.....

Credit to Chelsea_Rena for the AMAZING cover! Thanks soooo much!
~~~A Coldest Girl in Coldtown Entry


1. Fresh start? Yeah. Not happening. Nor is anything else apparently.

The boy gasped and ran down the dimly lit street, the cold fingers of fog crawling down his shirt, He continued to run; the impending doom obvious. Their whoops echoed around him, making him whimper.

To them...

...he was prey.

A hand reached out and grabbed his collar.

The boy screamed 'bloody murder', kicking and screaming.

"Aw, he's only a small one."

"What do we do?"

"Can we let him go?"

"Ugh, can you shut him up? He's hurting my ears."

"He can't feed all of us."

The man that held him captive grinned.

"Come on, let's go give it to Umbra." The boy was dragged away.


When morning came, the boy was long gone, his corpse deposited at the bottom of a lake.


"-And in other news, it has been reported that a body has been found at the shore of Lake Sakura. Little is known presently, but the authorities assure that it is nothing more than a random act of violence. Up next-"

I shut off the TV, frowning. A corpse had been found? At the shore of a lake? I rolled my eyes heavenwards. This was supposed to be a quiet town. Instead, all I had been getting was case after case of bodies. They were starting to pile up.

And I was no closer to finding answers.

I decided I needed a walk to clear my head. I got up and walked to my door, grabbing my keys and shutting the door behind me. The crisp air slapped me and I exhaled, my breath floating out in front of me. I thought about the cases that had happened since I had gotten there.

"First there was the disappearance of Hannah Moore..."

I had managed to scrounge up what little information there was on her death; which wasn't much, considering that her body had been found at a worksite quarry. The police had ruled her death as a suicide, but there was no bruising on the body was there?

Then there were the twins, Chase and Sarah. Their bodies were found at the town hall in the centre of town. The police couldn't explain this one, and panic had started to rise in the town. Whoever was murdering these kids didn't stop there.

There was the one that was mentioned this morning, the most recent; his body found at the shore of a lake. The police would probably end up making some absurd theory that didn't match up to the facts.

As I turned on the curb between Coolwater Street and Shadow Street, I felt chills go down my spine.

I gave a furtive glance around and saw a sleek black car flash past me. The windows were tinted, making sure whoever was in there could see out, but no one could see in.

The shivers trembled down my spine again, and I suddenly felt quite cold. I looked at the retreating back of the car and frowned. What was such an expensive car doing in such a small town like this?


The town flashed by me and I slouched in the back seat of the car. There really was nothing interesting to do here....

I looked out the window and caught a glimpse of her.

"Oh. Well that's interesting. Gone for a morning stroll have we?" I chuckled. I then turned to the lady sitting in the seat next to me.

"See her?" I pointed to the person that had captured my attention.

"What about her? She's not that interesting. I thought you brought me here for a reason, not to spy on other girls." The lady huffed.

"You're cute when you're jealous." I teased.

I saw her cheeks flare up.

"I'm not jealous! I.... just find this boring is all. when can I next eat? You've kept me waiting for ages." She muttered.

I laughed and tilted her chin upwards, making her look at me.

"Don't worry love; you'll be able to eat soon. I'll call Carter and Lea, and I'll tell them to get her. She's out the window there."

I pointed to the lady, now standing on the curb. she was frowning at the car, probably wondering why such a flashy car was parading around the streets.

The lady next to me grinned.

I chuckled, grabbed her hand and gave it a kiss.

"anything for my 'queen', hmm?' I mocked, my eyes gliding to her 'meal'. I looked ahead of me.

"I'm sick of here. Let's go somewhere more interesting." I told the driver. The car sped off, leaving my 'queen's meal behind on the curb. I flipped my phone out of my pocket, and dialled a number. Carter's dial tone was a sheep bleating for some reason unfathomable to me. I inspected my sharp nails as I waited for him to pick up. I was just about to hang up when the sheep's insufferable bleating was cut off.


"Took you long enough. I almost hung up." I sighed, looking out the window. I heard a crash on the end of Carter's line.

"Uh..... Sorry? It's just that-" Carter was cut off by more crashing.

"Is everything alright over there?" I asked, my question half amusement, half worrying.

"Um. No. Everything is not alright. The lady we took recently woke up earlier than expected, and...."

Another crash.

"She's a bit of a nut job. It's kinda hard to pin her down. Yeah. Sorry." Carter finished somewhat sheepishly.

I raised my eyebrows and grinned. It had been a long time since we'd had a challenge.

"would you like me to come and assist?" I chuckled. There was hushed voices and then quiet.

"Hello?" I frowned. I didn't like being ignored.

"Yeah, sorry. As I said, the lady's a bit of a nut job. Uh, we'll be fine for a while." A pause. Carter's voice was muffled.

"No, we cannot eat her. No. Not until Umbra get's back anyway. Ugh. I dunno. Just give her more anaesthetic or whatever. Beats me."

Carter's voice came back to the receiver.

"Sorry Umbra. gotta go. The lady needs to be pumped full of anaesthetic to at least be subdued. So..... I'm going-" Carter was cut off.

"I need to talk to you and Lea when I get back." I drawled, the sunlight starting to get to me. The sun made me drowsy. I yawned.

"Huh? Oh, Yeah, Sure. Well, bye."

The line went dead.


I heard the slamming of a car door, signalling that someone was here to see me. I eyed the door suspiciously, and slowly got up. Something told me this wasn't just some salesperson. Voices floated through the door.

"No car..."


"I'm kinda worried."

"Yeah I guess..."

"You got it?"

The next thing I heard, the lock was being picked. I froze and dashed up the stairs. I stumbled into a closet as the door creaked open. I could hear even less now, on account of the fact that I was inside a closet, and the intruders were downstairs.


"I can..."


I heard footsteps coming up the stairs and looked around worriedly. What was I going to do if the intruders got me? The voices got louder as they walked up the stairs. I heard the intruders were two people. One female, One male.

"Ugh... this is killing me.' The male said.

"... This place reeks of human." The female voice said.

"Help me... I'm burning...." The male voice said mockingly.

"Idiot. We can't burn. Sunlight doesn't affect us remember?

"Hah. That's a laugh. Umbra said he and Lux get really drowsy when they're in the sun for too long. I just get sunburnt." he huffed. I heard footsteps as they arrived on the landing.

"Ugh... God. There's too much scent. I wouldn't be able to tell where she was if she was standing right behind me." The male voice groaned.

I heard the footsteps continue on, and eventually everything went silent. I heaved a sight of relief.

Who were these people? Why were they in my house? More importantly, why were they searching for me?

I slowly cracked the closet door open and quickly escaped. I snatched my phone off of the entrance hall table as I ran out. I ran down the street and headed toward a café. I sat down at a table and pulled my phone out.

I turned my phone on and pressed the one number I knew I could talk to immediately. The phone's dial tone bleated like a sheep for a while and then...

"You have reached Psycyra Detective Agency. We cannot answer the phone right now. if you are looking for consultation on a case you might need solved, then please come in to see us personally. Please leave all messages after the beep."

I hung up with a huff. Where were people when you needed them?

I glanced around. Was it just me, or was I seeing that couple at table 17 everywhere?

This was getting creepy. Why did it feel like everyone was watching me ? I stood up and hurried out of the café. I knew I was getting paranoid. What had I gotten myself into? I stumbled into a park and surveyed the crowd.

Why were they all laughing at me?

"excuse me? Miss?"

I looked up from my hands and into the cerulean eyes of a lady with hair the colour of honey. Her eyes were full of concern as she bit her lip. I scrambled away as I assessed her through narrowed eyes.

"Who are you?" I growled, standing up and brushing myself off.

"Oh, Sorry. My name is Lea. I saw you shaking; Are you okay?" Lea asked. Something ,ade me suspicious about her.

"Uh...-" I blinked a few times, my head now feeling like it was stuffed full of cotton. "Uh... What were we talking about?" I trailed off, trying to fight long enough to stay awake.

"Aleni! You're so silly! You're my best friend! You remember don't you?" Lea replied, eyes flashing gratefully at something behind me. I stated to turn around, but Lea grabbed my hand and started to walk off with me.

I stumbled after her. I couldn't fight the wave of fatigue that followed me.

I stopped fighting and let it take over.

The world went black.


I felt my eyes crack open and I almost groaned in pain.

Where was I?

"-and to be honest, I don't see why we're keeping it here. It just takes up space. A voice grumbled.

"I know, I know. But what do you want me to do about it? Until it wakes up, we can't do anything about Lux's initiation or whatever. Just be patient, no? It's not hurting you physically." Another voice replied.

I heard a laugh.

"Well, maybe not. Why haven't we gone ahead with this already? I know you and Lux feel bad about this, especially to someone who shouldn't have been involved in the first place, but..." The first voice trailed off.

"it has to be done. Yet again, I know. Just give her a little time." The second voice sighed with resignation.

I heard a door open and then shut. My blindfold slipped, just enough to see the people in the room. Currently, there were four. Two men, and two women. One female was sitting on a stack of crates, one leg crossed over another, cerulean eyes framed by glasses that shone about as much as her honey blonde hair. Her mouth held a small smile at the lady that entered the room.

This I recognised was the lady who was with me before, Lea.

The lady at the door shifted on her feet, her long brown hair swaying. She had odd kinks at the end of her hair, which she kept playing with nervously. Her peculiar red eyes held some for of sadness, pity, and.... fear? Her high heeled boots clicked along with her shifting, rolling her feet so her height went up and down.

I looked over to the two males sitting in chairs at a table. The black haired male stood up and walked over to her, speaking soothing words in a tongue I didn't understand. He was about a head taller than her, and his hair had a short ponytail at the bottom of his head. The odd lighting in the room made his hair almost look like it had a blue tint to it. His yellow eyes flicked over to the man still sitting at the table.

The man bit his lip and sighed. When he looked at her with his forest green eyes, Red eye lady seemed to relax a bit. The man with green eyes had dark brown hair, his blonde dyed fringe hanging in his eyes as he sharpened a knife in his hand. He wore a slightly baggy shirt, and used this as a cloth to make the knife shine.

The group continued to speak in an odd lulling tongue, and I felt my eyes start to droop again.

"She's been awake for a while. I figured." Lea's voice laughed.

I felt my eyes snap open.

Big mistake.

"Huh. You're right. How long has she been awake I wonder?" The female at the door strolled towards me. I looked at her with widened eyes. She bent down and started to fumble with the ropes that bound my wrists together.

"Uh, Lux, I really don't think you should be doing that...." The yellow eyed male bit his lip when 'Lux' glared at him.

"Jesus Umbra! She's not an animal! She's an actual person! We should at least try to be nice to her before..." Lux trailed off as Umbra (The yellow eyed male) gave her a look. I looked away from Lux, and instead, found the ground much more interesting. Lux sighed and rested an arm on my shoulder as she sat next to me.

I noticed Green eyes looked at me. He then looked away and started a conversation with Lea and Umbra. I frowned.

"Don't worry about Carter. He's a bit of an introvert." Lux smiled softly, then sighed.

"I'm sorry sweetie... I really don't want to do this -killing people and stuff- but it's the only way.

"The only way? The only way to what? " I whispered hoarsely. Lux gave me a sad smile.

"The only way to be with the people I love." She sighed and looked over at Umbra, her eyes sparkling with love.

"I have to drink the blood of a Kitsune family member to become a pure blood vampire... or something like that anyway. I don't want to kill you of course, but I love Umbra." She smiled at me.

I was only more confused than before.

"So... Wait. I'm going to...." I trailed off.

"Die? Unfortunately, Yes."

I swallowed. "Well... I at least deserve to know what's going on.." I murmured.

Lux nodded.

"Okay. Well.... First, those kids were killed for me. Their spirits were... put in a post reality. They're not living, but they're not dead. They just wander around until another vampire decides to welcome them into their clan. Afterwards, we would have moved onto another town to find a Kitsune family member. I couldn't believe my luck when one just waltzed into town, claiming that she was solving the case of the dead kids. You mightn't have known it, but you have royal blood. You're a Kitsune, Aleni. You were destined to die from the day you were born."

Lux sighed, the atmosphere becoming melancholic.

"What the hell is a Kitsune?" I asked, cursing the gods for the fact that I had such horrible luck.

"Well... it's a royal family from ages ago. They were always favoured, and The Chronos Clan -That's the name of this clan by the way- was always disliked. The Chronos clan was sick of this and decided to raise an attack. The Chronos Clan took The Kitsune Clan by surprise, and killed their monarchs. The Kitsune family were in uproar, and cast spells on everyone in the Chronos Clan. We were cast into darkness, and became creatures of the night. The only way we could multiply was by infecting someone else. But, this person would not be a pure blood Chronos member. They would be a mud blood -of sorts-. The only way to make another pure blood Chronos member is to drink the blood of a Kitsune family member. Your last name might be Lapsis, but you can't mask the Kitsune smell. It's painfully obvious." Lux looked over at Umbra while she explained. Umbra was now waving his arms around in a flustered fashion, while yelling words that were unknown to me.

He muttered something, and Carter looked at me.

"I guess..." Lux gave me a pained smile and stood up. Her eyes glittered with unshed tears as she took the knife from Carter's hand. Carter sighed.

"Sorry Kitsune. We don't want to do this, really, but..." Carter trailed off, looking away uncertainly.

"We have to. It's the only way Yada, Yada, Yada." Lea finished for Carter, rolling her eyes. "Quit it with the pity party already." She growled.

Umbra's eyes flashed.

"Lea? Shut up. Nobody cares what you think. You're close to stepping over the line. Back off." He growled, glaring at her.

To my surprise, Lea shrunk back, and muttered a small 'Sorry.'

Lux faced me. I saw her hand move backwards.

I remember thinking she might miss my neck.


She didn't.


~      ~      ~     ~     ~    ~      ~     ~       ~      ~     ~      ~        ~       ~        ~      ~      ~       ~    ~

My body was placed on the sand of the beach, the waves lapping at my dead corpse.

I would've felt the saltwater tears that fell off of Lux's pale face. She was a pure blood now. Good for her. She probably deserved her new life. I would've felt remorse that my fate was to be a 'Kitsune'.

If I wasn't, you know-










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