Here We Go Again

Yes my mother was once engaged to James Potter, yes his son Jadon is now my worst enemy, yes my life at hogwarts has become a little bizarre, but it's not the end of the world right? Right... Welcome to an AU without Harry Potter. James and Lily never married, they each had their own offspring, and now that offspring has met! Oh boy! Here we go again!


1. The Prank


That can't be right.

Is time standing still?

The firey red digital numbers of my alarm clock were staring at me blatantly.

Mocking me.

'Can't sleep, can you?' they teased, 'well we'll just stay absolutely still so's to drive you mad!' They were driving me crazy. I had been staring at my alarm clock for the past half an hour and i swear it took two hours just to get to this point. That was supposed to make sense.

Finally the numbers rearanged themselves. 7:00 a.m. Time to get up. Time to get ready for Magic School.

Now, I know what you must be thinking. A fiesty electronic? Magic School? This girl must be off her knockers! But chill, there is a perfectly reasonable explanation for it all. You'll just have to wait a while to hear it as there are more pressing matters that I must attend to.

"Lani, Breakfast!" Krikey! That's my mum from somewhere in the kitchen. I have to act fast.

"Just a second," I answer as I make one more frantic attempt to find my...

"Gotcha!" My lucky sock. The white one. The missing piece to my otherwise perfect packing situation was finally secured. Yes a sock. Some people have a rabbit's foot I have a sock, deal with it. Besides, I'm a vegetarian.

Finally my trunk was ready. In went my gleaming white sock right next to my parchment paper, quills, and cauldron.

Okay, I'm sure by this point you are probably thinking: "Parchment? Quill? Cauldron??! What is this girl on?!" So for the sake of you thinking i'm a total nut job let me explain a few things. Well one thing. A really important one. I'm a witch.

Now that that's out of the way...breakfast.


The glare of my father's camera caught me by surprise and I was momentarily blinded. Unaware that he had incapacitated his only daughter, father happily continued snapping away.

"Today's my little girl's big day!"

Once my vision was back I glared steadily at my father, oh how it irked me when he called me little. 

"Not so little anymore," I retorted. "I'm starting magical training today, remember?"

“Yes you are!" he answered choking back a tear, I swear the man was a softy, and with his six foot frame it was quite unnerving, “and I’m so very proud!"

"Daddy...!" I pleaded trying to keep the waterworks from starting. Again. He was making such a big deal about it all!

But to be honest, it was a pretty big deal. Ever since I had received my official letter from ‘Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry’ everyone in the Stevens residence had been in an uproar. Mom had claimed that she expected it all along; after all she’s a witch herself. But dad and I had been a little anxious. Watching the skies carefully for weeks before the owl finally arrived. Mom had shrieked with delight. Dad had shrieked too now that I think about it. I on the other hand, needed a full hour to recover from the initial shock.

“Here,” mum said as she placed my cereal at my usual spot at the table. There was a small package on my seat.

“What’s this?”

“Open it,” she urged with a bright smile.

That was all I needed. I tore into the package recognizing the gift as soon as the first maroon and gold fringe peeked out from the wrapping.

“Mum it’s your scarf!” her beloved Gryffindor scarf to be exact. The one I used to wear around the house casting imaginary spells with my pretend wand. I had an unsettling thought at that moment. “But what if I don’t get Gryffindor?"

That question had been plaguing me for days. The thought of being in the same house as my mum was thrilling. She had told me so many stories about her time at Hogwarts. But there were other houses. Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, even Slytherin, with odds like that, there was no telling.

“Keep it anyway,” she insisted. And with that, we had our last breakfast together before I went off to school.


“You’ll write?” mum asked her green eyes pleading.

“Twice a week,” I promised and she took me into the third hug since we had arrived at King’s Cross. The place was streaming with students and parents. I was eager to get going but oh so frightened at the same time. With all of the months of mentally preparing myself for the great separation, nothing could compare to the real thing.

I was crying and I wasn’t even trying to hide it. My father reached out and gently wiped a tear from my eye, “We love you, Lani."

“I know,” and with more emotion that I would ever care to admit I said goodbye and headed towards platform 9 and ¾.

To say that the train station was ‘busy’ was an understatement. There was so much hustle and bustle going on, that it took me a full ten minutes to get on the train. Every inch of space seemed to be occupied by someone or something, so the thought of finding an empty compartment seemed bleak. Still, I held my head high in determination, and marched forward thinking that I would get lucky.

Boy was I wrong.

Now, as with every moment of utter humiliation, I am able to recall, down to the last detail, every thing that transpired during those next few moments. As I walked, rather upright mind you, along the corridor I thought I saw a compartment that looked promising. It was empty, but there were a group of about five teenagers hanging around outside of it. Seeing it as my chance to find a seat, and possibly make new friends, I began steadily approaching them when all heck broke loose. Remember that thing I said about being upright? Yeah, not so much. I was spontaneously knocked down, flipped over, and catapulted (all in that order) onto the floor. My trunk took a beating too, as it's contents were scattered all over the narrow hall. 

I must have had my eyes closed for a second because I don’t remember seeing anything straight away, but I heard EVERYTHING. Thunderous laughter and a few 'woots!' Merlin, I hated that word. I could feel my face flushing which meant it was turning red, which meant that it was now clashing wildly with my own red hair. Brilliant. 

When I finally did opened my eyes it was only to see a ginormous group of students all pointing and laughing at the little first year who had managed to make a complete full of herself on the very first day. And in front of people with whom she would be spending the next seven years with no less!
I tried to get up then, but the sound of voices nearby made me stop mid attempt.

“I can’t wait to see the poor bloake!” said one.

“Did you see that flip in the air? That was my idea!” added another.

“Best. Prank. Ever,” went a third.
I hated them.

One by one they came out of the crowd. Three boys, first years by the looks of them. Looking smug and deeply satisfied. I was about to let them have it when someone else spoke up. 

"Are you alright?” I looked up to see a girl with bushy hair holding out her hand. I was mighty tired of being on the floor so I took it eagerly. She turned to face my attackers, "that was a nasty thing to do!” 

"I'll say," I added standing beside her casting daggers at the three first years. "What a vile thing to do to someone!"

To my amazement the boys seemed to be a little dissapointed.

"Why'd you go and do that for?” one of the boys said. He was tall and lanky and his hair was a brighter shade red than mine. Not that I was jealous or anything. “That wasn’t meant for you! You’ve gone and ruined everything!"

Now I was really angry.

Was he serious? 

"Excuse me?!" I spat. "<i>I’ve</i> ruined everything!? I suppose you thought no one else would walk through here? Or maybe you thought I'd just fly over it?!”

"Don’t get your knickers in a bunch,” said the second boy. He wasn’t as tall or lanky as his companion and his hair was dark, almost black, which made his gray eyes pop against his pale skin. “We were only playing a trick on someone. We didn’t mean anything by it."

"You shouldn’t be casting spells on the train,” said the girl beside me and I immediately nodded in agreement, “It’s against school rules and someone could get seriously hurt!”

"Yeah, like me,” I cried feeling my anger rise again as I looked around “Just look at my things, they’re everywhere!"

And they were; my sweaters, quills, and unmentionables were littered about. I had to grab my favoriote stockings from a nosy onlooker.“Give me that!” I growled.

"It's your fault for carrying around so much," came the third and final voice. I hated him most of all. He was standing there just staring at my stuff with a stupid smile on his face. Like at any moment he was going to burst out laughing. I felt like pelting him right between his light brown eyes with my fist. Making more of a mess of his already messy hair. 

"I better get all of it back!” I warned. 

They laughed. 

In an attempt to get out of the hall and away from mocking eyes as quickly as possible, I began to hurridly pick up my stuff. I couldn't tell if they boys stayed to watch the show as the rest of the train seemed to be doing.  Thankfully the very nice girl offered to stay and help and I didn’t refuse.

"That really was a foul thing for them to do,” she said minutes later after we had packed away the last of my things. We had found an empty compartment nearby and I was happy to be away from the entire ordeal.

“I’m Hermione Granger by the way."

I smiled my first real smile since boarding the train. I really appreciated how friendly she was being. Besides, she had been the only person who hadn't laughed at me when I fell. If she had offered to be my best friend right then and there I would have said yes imediately.

"Leilani Stevens,” I told her, “and thanks for your help back there."

It was smooth sailing after that. I found my conversation with Hermione to be very insightful. She told me about her muggle parents and the shock of receiving her Hogwarts letter. And I filled her in on my half-blood status and the excitement of seeing mum’s old school. Since we both had a muggle background much of the talk was filled with the differences between both worlds.

"Of course, I know a bit about Hogwart’s already,” Hermione said a little later. The snack trolley had just made it's round and we had spent a nice chunk of change on candies and pasties. “I read about it in <i>Hogwart’s A History.</i>"

"I’ve read that too!” I added happily scrambling to catch the chocolate frog that had just jumped out of my hand. “It was a gift from my mum last Christmas!”

I had no time to relish in the happy coincidence because at that time our compartment door slid opened.

"What do you want?” I asked. It was them. The boys from before and I wasn’t in the mood.

"I found this out in the hall,” the boy with the messy hair was holding one of my stockings. He was trying hard not to laugh at the bright green socks with orange dragons. I felt my face flush as I snatched it from his hand. I quickly stuffed it in my sack and sat down trying hard to ignore the intruders.

"My name is Jadon Potter," he said. 


When I didn't respond he continued, "this is Ronald Weasley and Perseus Black." The other two were standing behind him looking completely bored.

"I don't care," I said, breaking the silence. Hermione shifted uncomfortably beside me, pretending to be completely engrossed in her book.

It didn't work because Jadon proceeded to ask for my name, He was getting under my skin.

"Leilani Stevens,” I spat, “now can you please leave?!"

<strong>A/N: So it's been a long while. I wrote this story ages ago and figured I'd revamp it and post it here. As an AU I don't think it will sit well with some of you since dear Harrry Potter is MIA but please, give it a chance! It might grow on you. As always, reveiws are welcomed and greatly apreciated.</strong>

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