Here We Go Again

Yes my mother was once engaged to James Potter, yes his son Jadon is now my worst enemy, yes my life at hogwarts has become a little bizarre, but it's not the end of the world right? Right... Welcome to an AU without Harry Potter. James and Lily never married, they each had their own offspring, and now that offspring has met! Oh boy! Here we go again!


2. The Hat

The compartment door closed and hermionie finally put her book down.

"We'll that was interesting," she said mater of factly.

"That was pathetic, is what it was," I quickly added, still steaming from the little scene. "Who does that potter think he is?" I refused to use that boy's first name. Ever.

Hermionie spent the next few minutes trying to get my mind off of the whole thing. It would have proved unsuccessful if the snack trolley hadn't cruised by at the same time. We scrambled towards the door, apparently famished, and we spent a good deal of change on pastries and chocolate frogs.

The compartment was quiet as we munched away on our treats until we heard a girl's voice just outside the door. 

"Jadon Potter, you rotten git! I hate your guts!"

Beside me, Hermione's eyes went wide. I smiled, my interest peaked. Whoever it was, the girl was obviously smart and I simply had to meet her! I slid open the compartment door and looked out to see a blonde with short hair and striped knee highs.

"Hi," I called to her, beaming, "my name's Leilani. You and I have something in common."

Seconds later Filomina Lupin, first year, was sitting across from us filling us in on her encounter with that Potter Boy. Apparently he had taken her her trunk, sealed it, and hidden it in the prefect compartment. She had spent most of the train ride looking for it.

"But why would he pick on you?" Hermione asked and I shot her an evil glare. Like he needed a reason.

"Because he's Potter that's why, and he's just plain nasty."

Filomina laughed and added, "yes also, he's my cousin."

I. Could. Have. Died.

Hermione almost did as the pumpkin juice she was sipping on caused her to nearly drown. I patted her back as I looked at Filomina with deep sympathy.

"I'm soooo sorry," I told her.

"That's okay. I've grown up with his antics so I'm used to it. Besides, I'm really good at getting him back!"

We spent the rest of the train ride talking about the different ways she could do that. I had loads of good ideas, Hermione was the only one who was a little uncomfortable. As we exited the train she tried to get us to talk about something else. I guess she didn't like hearing the many ways we planned on making potter pay.

"I wonder what houses we'll get sorted into?"  

Her distraction worked  as I was suddenly filled with anticipation. "I suppose I might be in Gryffindor like my mum was but Ravenclaw wouldn’t be bad."

Beside me Hermione nodded, “I don’t care either way but it would be nice if we were sorted into the same house!"

I totally agreed.

"I’ll be in Gryffindor,” came a voice behind us. Any guess on who it was?

"No one asked you Potter,” I growled, “and why are you talking to me? I thought I made myself clear? I hate you..”

He ignored me and turned to Filomina. "Hey, Fil' did you find your stuff?" His friends laughed beside him. 

The one called Ron said, "I think you might be able to ask old McGonagall to open it up for you, we jinxed it pretty good!"

"Sod off!" Filomina told them and right then I knew we were going to be best friends united in our hatred for potter and his goons. 

They lost interest quick and the three of them left to talk to the giant man who had suddenly appeared at the end of the wooden walk way.

"That's hagrid," Filomina told us before we could even ask, "he's a really close friend of the family."

Apperantly this fact wasn't lost on potter who was talking very loudly as the rest of the first years stared at him with their mouths hanging open. Pathetic. 

"Come on let's get a boat," I told the girls pushing them towards the edge of the lake. The boats were lined up in neat little rows. They had oars but we soon realized that no one would be rowing them. We glided slowly along the water the castle looming in the distance.

I wasn’t a very clumsy girl (usually) but I kept imaging myself falling over and plunging into the deep recesses of the lake and when I thought I saw something white floating close to the surface, I recoiled in fear.

A few minutes later and the gleaming lights of the castle were laid out before us. The tall towers were silhouetted against the black sky and a wave of excitement came over everyone on the boat.

We had finally arrived.

Huddled in the castle’s receiving area and thankful to be out of the cold we were met by an austere looking witch in dark robes. Her hair was pulled back into a tight bun and her mouth was pressed into a thin line. Right away, I knew she wasn’t someone to be messed with. 

“Good evening,” she said, “I am professor McGonagall, Deputy Headmistress of Hogwarts. Now before tonight’s feast each of you will be sorted into one of four houses. They are Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and Slytherin. Your houses and each of its members are like your family but be forewarned that all of your behavior at this school has consequences. House points will be awarded or deducted in accordance to your conduct.” Here she paused and gave a few of the students nearest to her sharp looks. I was glad I wasn‘t anywhere near the front. “At the end of the year the House with the most points wins the House Cup. Are there any questions?

No one raised their hand.

"Excellent, now follow me."

And we did, through massive wooden doors into what I assumed to be the Great Hall. Again I was blown away by the sheer size of it all. All four tables were full of students and it made me wonder how on earth there was room for us all. Mum had once told me there was a lot of magic used to make the castle more accommodating to all of the students and looking around it was beginning to make sense. At the foot of the giant room was the staff table. I stood on tiptoe trying to catch a glimpse of Dumbledore who had been Headmaster since like forever and there he was plunked down in the middle of the long table. Twinkling eyes, beard, and all.

When McGonagall gathered up an old hat and placed it on a small wooden stool the hall went silent. The hat broke out into song, which in itself was amazing but I hardly heard a note of it because not too far away Jadon and his buddies were fooling around. They had even managed to gather the attention of several older students who were pointing and laughing, not at them but with them. It was a disgusting sight. I was wondering if anyone was going to try and stop them when McGonagall cleared her throat loud enough for everyone to settle down.

“The sorting will now begin,” she called, “Hannah Abbott.” A small girl walked slowly from the crowd of first years and took a seat on the stool. I watched as McGonagall placed the hat on the girls head. A few seconds later, “Hufflepuff!”

The hall erupted into cheers most of them coming from the Hufflepuff table.

"Perseus Black,” McGonagall continued without missing a beat. Hermione, Filomina, and I watched in horror as the boy strutted up to the front, gave a little bow, and practically jumped onto the stool. To our horror some students actually laughed at his little stunt.

"Well that will certainly encourage him,” Hermione whispered as the hat called out ‘Gryffindor!’ and Perseus, with a thumbs up, took his seat. I nodded in agreement and disgust.

“Where do you think you’ll be?” someone asked beside us. Yuck.

"You just don’t get it, do you?!” I whispered angrily as McGonagall continued through her list.

"Nah,” he told me, “I do what I want."

“Merlin's beard!” I sighed trying my best to pay attention to the sorting process and ignore Jadon at the same time. “You are a piece of work!"

That Potter boy and the red head kept on fooling around while I struggled to listen to the rest of the sorting. “Shhhh!!” I warned, trying to inch my way further through the crowd. “It’s Hermione’s turn.”

Hermione was already trudging by me with a serious look on her face. I prayed I wouldn't trip over my robes on my turn. My ego couldn't handle another fall in front of a crowd. After several seconds with the hat on her head, it called out ‘Gryffindor!’ and she happily took her seat. I clapped with the rest of the group, anxious for my turn.

Filomina was next. She was more at ease in front of the crowed and smiled brightly as the hat called 'Gryffindor' almost as if she knew it all along. I glanced over at the marroon and gold table feeling a  twinge of jealousy as the girls took a seat next to each other. I couldn't imagine not being in the same house with them, worse, I couldn't imagine having to share a common room with Potter.

I was so wrapped up in worry that I almost missed his sorting. I cringed when I heard a loud 'Gryffindor!' Things weren't looking to good. He practically ran to his seat. There were people patting him on the back and giving him high fives and I wondered what the big deal was. The boy was a nuisance. Anyone with a little bit of sense could see that. I had only just met him and already he was like a gnat I couldn’t get rid of. I pictured myself with a giant fly swatter when I heard my name.

Finally it was my turn. I could hardly contain my excitement as McGonagall placed the hat on my head. At first I heard nothing, but then: "Now let's see here...Oh my, my, my this is interesting. Clever, very clever indeed. You my dear are in for a quite a ride. Let it be Gryffindor!!"

For all I knew, that hat said the same thing to everyone. I was so excited to have been sorted into mum's house that I didn't think twice about it. I practically squeaked with delight! In the same house with my new best friends! Nothing could bring me down. Nothing except locking eyes with a brown haired, hazel eyed, prank pulling boy. And to make matters worse only a few minutes later the third member of Potter's brigade joined them at the Gryffindor table. The three boys were looking mighty comfy, laughing and talking loudly with several people. Hermione, Filomina, and I tried to keep busy, eating our dinner, exchanging squeals of excitement, and enjoying each other’s company but my eyes kept darting over to the opposite end of the table. In one of those, Potter caught me looking and he had the nerve to wave at me.

Hermione must have seen the look on my face because she followed my gaze and said, “Just ignore him, Leilani.”

Easier said than done. I knew from that moment on that Jadon Potter was going to be the fly in my ointment, the pebble in my shoe, the thorn in my side. Get the picture? 

He was going to make things really, really, difficult.

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