Project Baby || Slow Updates

School - that's all Arrora cared about. She had no friends, no social life. Her and Louis are polar opposites. He doesn't give a fuck about school. He has hundreds of friends and is the definition of social life. What happens when they are put together in a baby project? Read to find out.

|| Copyright © 2014 by Amy S. All Rights Reserved ||


1. prologue


Arrora's POV


“c'mon! We're gonna be late!" I giggled as I pulled the boy along by his arm. He huffed, “I'm coming, I'm coming. What's so cool about school anyways, Arrie?" “we learn stuff, duh. You know I love it. Not all of us only think about football." I explained, pointing to his bag. He rolled his eyes playfully, “just wait, my cousins say once you get to grade 4, school becomes bloody boring." I sigh, “yeah but we're in kindergarten." He smiles at my snarky remark.


·​​​​two years later·


“Arrie, I'm gonna walk with Dasiy today." I nod slowly. I start walking to the bus. I push by bulky glasses into place. I clench my lunch box as other students throw things at me. I hear someone say, “ew, what is it? Poke it with a stick." This kinda stuff never happened when he was here. But once he disappeared, the rude words came out. I took my book out as I sat in the back far corner of the bus. Most people just looked at the Harry Potter book with confusion. Most kids my age, 7, couldn't read such books with such extraordinary vocabulary. But I was able to, as I was also able to do third grade math. 


·Next year·


“Arrora! Stop following us. It's weird. No, you're weird. Just go read a book or be someone's calculator." He yelled. Daisy laughed and shoved me against a wall, “smart arse." I held back tears and pushed by glasses back in place. “stop." I say quietly. “no big words now, huh." He smirked. He pushed me to the mud puddle. My new clothes splattered and my glasses fell off into the mud. Tears started running down my face. They seemed to find humor from it. I had officially lost my best friend. 



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