Project Baby || Slow Updates

School - that's all Arrora cared about. She had no friends, no social life. Her and Louis are polar opposites. He doesn't give a fuck about school. He has hundreds of friends and is the definition of social life. What happens when they are put together in a baby project? Read to find out.

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4. chapter three - Looking up

Arorra's POV


Niall and I start to hang out more in this tiny park that we found just outside of the area. He's really nice actually. He bugs me in class but I can tell it's more of a friendship tease then a bully to victim tease. 

It's cute. He gets all flushy around me and he stutters a lot. I do to, just out of nerves. I hadn't cut in a few days, about a week. 

I think of all this as I pick an outfit. I grab something I almost never wear. (Pic of what she's wearing, it's the one with the skirt, )

I adjust my glasses. They were wire rimmed. I curled my wavy hair. When I came downstairs I was greeted by my mom. I smile and nod a hello as I sit down and eat. I eat my food quickly and grab my bag. I say bye and walk to the street corner. I now took the long way to school with Niall. I shiver as a guest of wind blows on me. I feel something heavy and warm fall on my shoulders. I look behind me to see Niall. “You didnt have to give me your jacket you know." I say. 

“Well hello to you too." He smiles. I try to hand him back his jacket but he refuses. I sigh and put it back on, “I don't want you to be cold though." “I'm fine." Niall shrugs. We walk through a park and we see the school. I hand him his jacket quickly and walk ahead of him. I put my head down and walk against the morning wind.



sorry it is short. Can you feel a ship coming on??


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