Project Baby || Slow Updates

School - that's all Arrora cared about. She had no friends, no social life. Her and Louis are polar opposites. He doesn't give a fuck about school. He has hundreds of friends and is the definition of social life. What happens when they are put together in a baby project? Read to find out.

|| Copyright © 2014 by Amy S. All Rights Reserved ||


6. Chapter Five- Hate This Already

Arrora's POV

After science, I walk to my extra curricular class, art. 

Art class has some people in it that I can almost call friends but really all we do is talk while working. I sit in my normal seat as the rest of the class slowly walks in. 

-skip art-


I walk to my locker to grab my lunch. I hear footsteps behind me. They definitely weren't Niall's. I slowly turn around to see Louis. “Well, come on, bitch. The teacher told us that we need to spend 'quality' time together." I could tell by the way he was standing he was just as uncomfortable as I was. I nod and grab my lunch. I close my locker and walk awkwardly by his side. “You are going to have to talk to me, you know." He says harshly. 

“yeah." I mumble quietly. 

We sit down and I pull out the pills I'm supposed to take. I swallow one and slowly start picking at my small lunch. I eat about half and get up to throw it away. Louis pulls me back down. “Eat." He demands. “I did eat." I say quietly. “okay, I'll rephrase that. Eat the rest of your lunch." “but-" I sigh knowing I wasn't going to win. I eat the rest of my lunch slowly. Why is he acting this way? Like he so suddenly cares about what I do. Niall is sitting next to me and whispers, “talk to me after school , Okay?" I nod quickly. Louis suddenly asks me, “So, if we're going to be working on this the rest of the year, you might as well come to my house." I nod, “yeah I guess but I'm busy today, so maybe another time?" He nods. After lunch is over I go to all my other classes. I had all my classes with Louis so he always bugged me. It just seemed to be even more annoying today. And it's all because of this stupid project. If it stays like this, I'll die. I hate the project already. 


Sorry it's so short. I don't have many ideas today. 

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