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School - that's all Arrora cared about. She had no friends, no social life. Her and Louis are polar opposites. He doesn't give a fuck about school. He has hundreds of friends and is the definition of social life. What happens when they are put together in a baby project? Read to find out.

|| Copyright © 2014 by Amy S. All Rights Reserved ||


13. Chapter Eleven - Sorry ?

Arorra's POV-

Naturally, I shoved him away. But, strangely, when his lips left mine I was left wanting more. Minutes later, I'm still standing in the parking lot. Louis is here with me, but instead of paying any attention to me, he is arguing with Niall.

Niall had seen the kiss and was, for a good reason, furious with Louis. 

The sounds of their arguing voices is in a muffled tone, like I'm  underwater. Thoughts are running through my head at 50 miles a minute and , in an instant, the world around me is spinning. I feel my chest tighten and my stomach churn.

"Arorra?" Louis's voice calls out to me.

Just before my vision blurs, I see both boys rush over to my sides. A wave of nausea washes over me and I fall to my knees. The contents of my stomach rise up into my throat. 

A warm hand is rubbing my back soothingly after I throw up, but I don't bother looking up to see who it is. 

"Arrie, do you want to go home?" Louis's voice asks from behind me.

I nod, "C-can I talk to Niall f-first?" 

I hear shuffling and then Niall is crouched next to me. 

"Hey, Arrora..." Niall says softly.

I bring my gaze up to his face before I speak. 

"I-I think we should break up.." 

"Right.. I'm sorry if I hurt you by not talking to you but I was just confused.."

I cut him off, "Ni, you obviously have feelings for that girl. Go for her before someone else gets her. But if you like her, why were you so upset when Louis kissed me?"

"Because, Arrora. He doesn't deserve you. He's bullied you for years. He shouldn't be able to get you so easily."

"I-I'm not even sure what I feel about him yet." I sigh shakily, pushing hair out of my face.

Niall starts to stand up, "Well, I'll see you tomorrow, I guess."

He helps me to my feet and I nod. "See you tomorrow."

As Niall walks back to the school building, Louis walks over to me. 

"Care to explain yourself, Tomlinson?" I ask, crossing my arms over my chest. 

"Let's just go, I'll explain when we get to your house." He motions me over to his car as he speaks.

I slowly follow behind him, still scared after years of pranks.



Sorry it's so short. 

- Amy S. 

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