Project Baby || Slow Updates

School - that's all Arrora cared about. She had no friends, no social life. Her and Louis are polar opposites. He doesn't give a fuck about school. He has hundreds of friends and is the definition of social life. What happens when they are put together in a baby project? Read to find out.

|| Copyright © 2014 by Amy S. All Rights Reserved ||


10. Chapter Eight - And It Begins (short)

Arorra's POV

“Niall, of course." I smile shyly and I see a big grin appear on his face. I laugh a bit at his smile. “So, we are a 'thing' now, right?" Niall asks quietly. I nod, “Yeah, I guess." “So, it would be okay if i, uh, kissed you?" He asks, blushing. I blush and nod slowly. 

-skip to next day at school- 

“Arrora!" I hear Louis call. I wince at his voice. What the hell does he want? 

I walk over to him. “Listen, we may be in a project together but I'll assure you that I still hate your guts, whore." 

I feel like I was being punched the stomach. I nod and walk away. I go to Niall's locker. I see a smile appear on his face. “Hey, Ar." He says and puts an arm around me. I blush and lean my head on his side and mumble, “hi." 

I am a lot smaller than Niall so I'm only up to the top of his chest. I like being smaller than him though, it makes me feel like I can just hide myself with him and he will protect me. 

We walk through the halls until we get to my class. 

“Bye, Ni." I say.

“Bye, Ar." 

I walk into my classroom as my hell begins.

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