The Virgin Games

Set in 3030 where it is illegal to have sex before marriage. The idea behind The Virgin Games came about in 3000 when the population was spiraling out of control. To help contain it the world leaders created the games. Ten couples are sent into the games to compete. There are nine rounds after every round a couple is eliminated.Being eliminated also means death. The winner of the games will be married and allowed to continue on with the population. (One Direction not famous!)


8. Chapter 7

The ten couples stood outside the arena waiting for Avan to announce their entrance. The arena was filled and there was not an empty seat to be found. 
Natalie stared at Liam and Alejandra as they smiled at each other. 
“Can you believe that?” she whispered to Wyatt. 
“Stop, please. You are going to psych us out for the first challenge. Just please stop,” he whispered harshly into her ear. 
Liam and Alejandra started toward Wyatt and Natalie. 
“We want to wish you all the best of luck today,” Liam smiled while looking at Natalie. 
As Wyatt went to thank Liam with a handshake Natalie stepped between them. 
“Don’t be fake towards us. You are a liar and a cheat and I hope you and your lovely,” Natalie looked Alejandra up and down, “slut fail out in this challenge. Now please never speak to Wyatt and myself ever again.”
The other couples were watching Liam, Alejandra, Natalie, and Wyatt closely. They were probably all hoping that they would fight and then be eliminated quicker. 
“Natalie,” Liam started but was soon cut off by the overhead speakers. 
Everyone! Welcome! 
Avan’s voice boomed through the speakers and the couples lined up in the order they had been given. The base of the arena was now illuminated with blue and gold signifying that this would be a mental challenge for the couples. 
Is everyone prepared for the first challenge in The Virgin Games! I hope so because it is all mental today. 
The ten couples began to walk out into the arena waving at all the people watching. They smiled and played the happy people they were supposed to be. 
Will each couple step behind their podium please? We have given each couple a color and this will be the color of their wedding if they win. You all know the drill!
Liam and Alejandra stood behind a Red podium. 
Natalie and Wyatt behind a Blue podium. 
Niall and Dawn behind a Purple podium. 
Louis and Marie behind an Orange podium.
Zayn and Perrie behind a Yellow podium. 
Harry and Camille behind a Baby Blue podium. 
Tiffany and Layla behind a Pink podium. 
Jay and Greg behind an Indigo podium. 
Megan and Finn behind a Neon Yellow podium. 
Hope and Marcus behind a Green podium. 
The first challenge is always the best challenge for our competitors. It truly shows how well they can work together and whether or not this was the best decision. This time around in The Virgin Games we decided to use the mental challenge first. So the first challenge is mental and if I do say so myself memory. 
You all will be asked questions in secret one by one. Your partner will be asked the same question about yourself to see how much they know about you. This is the first time this challenge has been enacted and I say it is a wonderful first challenge. 

The couples looked at each other, a bit of nerves filled the arena from the couples to the audience. Everyone knows how many of these couples are thrown together from their parents and potential winning ability so this would truly challenge everything about them. 
Alright, I’m going to ask everyone to send half of your relationship to the other side of the arena now so we have no cheating. Quickly now, kiss kiss and hustle everyone. 
Everyone did as instructed, sending someone across the arena to be able to answer the questions quickly. 
Now in front of you, you will find a questionnaire. Please fill it out. You all have fifteen minutes. Can I have a clock please?
A clock measuring ten feet in width dropped from the ceiling of the arena. The clock slowly ticked down as each person began to fill out the questionnaire. Beads of sweat were on every competitor’s forehead because they were all nervous about getting them right. 
Time is up everyone! Now turn in your questionnaires please. This is so exciting! Now I will explain the rules in more detail. There were fifty questions on the questionnaire that you all just took. You all have five lives in the competition. That is not five lives per person but for the couple as a whole. 
We will play until two couples have completely lost all of their lives. I will ask the half of the couple on the left a question. If they answer correctly their partner does not have to answer that round but if they fail, bye-bye to a life and their partner has to answer. So you may potentially lose two lives in one round. So shall we begin!

The arena filled with cheers as Avan walked to the center of the arena and looked around. 
This is all random by the way. I am going to pull a color out and that shall determine the order of the rounds. Is everyone okay with the rules or do I need to explain something again?
No one seemed to object the rules that Avan had laid out. 
Then let’s begin everyone!
Avan reached into a bowl, swirling his hand around looking between both sides and finally pulled out a piece of paper containing the first person to receive a question. 
I have drawn the color Red. So Liam and Alejandra you will always be the start of the new round. So, ahem. Let us begin! The first question goes to Liam since he is on the left side of the arena. So, Liam when is Alejandra’s birthday? Only month and day please.
Liam cleared his throat hoping he had the correct answer, “October 13 Avan.”
Avan looked down at the answer sheet smiling and yelled, “Correct!” 
Liam sighed, thankful that he knew the answer to that. 
Avan went fishing for another color and pulled out green this time. 
I have pulled the color green out! Hope, since you are on the left side of the arena this question is for you. When is Marcus’ birthday” Only month and day please. 
Hope’s hands began to shake as she swallowed hard. “Marcus’ birthday is,” she stuttered on the words. “His birthday is,” she barely managed to get out those words. 
“We need an answer Hope,” Avan called from the center of the arena. 
“Marcus’ birthday is August 12th,” Hope finally managed to say. 
Everyone sat on the edge of their seat as Avan scanned the questionnaire to confirm if this was right. 
Oooh, sweetie I am sorry. Marcus’ birthday is April 12th. Looks like Marcus will be answering a question as well but that means you all are down to four lives! So Marcus, tell me do you know when Hope’s birthday is? 
Marcus cleared his throat, “March 3rd.”
Everyone sighed together because of his confident answer, they had hope that he was right. 
And Marcus I bet you would love to think that Hope’s birthday is March 3rd. But sadly her birthday is June 19th. Sorry. So it looks like Hope and Marcus are down to three lives!

Everyone in the arena was shocked by this outcome. Avan finished out the round and everyone was challenged by the birthday question. Some prevailed and others failed. At the end of the round the lives remaining were as followed. 
Liam and Alejandra: 5
Hope and Marcus: 3
Harry and Camille: 4
Tiffany and Layla: 5
Natalie and Wyatt: 5
Louis and Marie: 5
Niall and Dawn: 4 
Jay and Greg: 5
Megan and Finn: 4
Zayn and Perrie: 5
It took three more rounds before the questions became a little more difficult for the couples. 
I think it is time to turn up the difficulty of these questions. What do you all think? So Liam this question goes to you. What is Alejandra’s middle name? 

Liam scratched his head. “Um, Avan,” he sighed. “Alejandra does not have a middle name.”
Avan looked down to confirm the answer.
Correct Liam! Looks like Liam really does know Alejandra. So now the question goes to Hope. What is Marcus’s middle name? 
“I don’t know,” Hope sighed. 
“Take a guess sweetheart,” Avan tried to sound encouraging. 
“James,” Hope held back her tears. She knew she was wrong. 
That is wrong. I am sorry to say but that means you are down to two lives Hope and Marcus. Now, Marcus will you be able to turn this around. What is Hope’s middle name? 
“Olivia!” Marcus yelled. 
And he is correct everyone! Marcus is correct and he was sure of it! It’s lovely to see someone so happy for knowing the middle name of their beloved. So now we are at Harry and Camille. Harry, do you think you know what Camille’s middle name is? 
Harry’s head was down on his podium. Harry loved Camille but never paid attention to her when she told him things about herself. All of his previous answers were just guesses. 
“Camille does not have a middle name,” Harry said biting his lip. 
Well Harry, according to Camille that is not correct. Her middle name is Alice. That means Harry and Camille are now down to three lives. Camille, do you know Harry’s middle name? 
“Harry’s middle name is,” Camille started but then didn’t feel so sure about her answer. “His middle name is Edwin.”
Oh and Camille I had such high hopes for you dear. Harry’s middle name is actually Edward. I am sorry to say but Harry and Camille are now down to two lives. They are tied with Hope and Marcus now. 
The round continued and at the end of the round the standings were as followed. 
Liam and Alejandra: 5
Hope and Marcus: 2
Harry and Camille: 2
Tiffany and Layla: 5
Natalie and Wyatt: 4
Louis and Marie: 5
Niall and Dawn: 4 
Jay and Greg: 4
Megan and Finn: 4
Zayn and Perrie: 5
This next round is crucial considering there is a possibility of the bottom two being in effect. And of course these questions will be harder. No one will have the same question as anyone who goes before them. I hope you all are ready. So back to Liam. Your question is at what age did Alejandra’s oldest brother win The Virgin Games? 
Liam looked like he wanted to throw up but he held himself together. “I want to say he was twenty.”
And I want to say you are right Liam. But we cannot always get what we want. That knocks Liam and Alejandra down to four lives. So Alejandra I hope you are ready for this question. At what age was Liam’s mom when her and his father won The Virgin Games? 
“She was twenty-one Avan,” Alejandra said proudly happy to finally have to answer a question. 
Liam I think she is a keeper! Alejandra you are correct! Now we return to Hope. Hope, I want you to take a deep breathe. Stay calm. Your question is what month did Marcus’ parents compete in The Virgin Games? 
“Are you kidding me?” Hope yelled after the question was asked. 
I am afraid I am not. That is your question and you have two minutes to answer. 
“March,” Hope rolled her eyes. 
Well I am sorry Hope but that is incorrect. They competed in January. I am sorry but now you and Marcus are left with one life. Marcus it is your question now. Was it Hope’s brother or sister who first won The Virgin Games in their generation? 
“Her brother. No! Shit, it was her sister!” Marcus yelled. 
I am sorry Marcus. We have to accept your first answer of her brother, which is incorrect. That means Marcus and Hope you are the first couple to be knocked into the bottom two. You will find out what that entails once we find our second couple for the bottom two. 
Harry and Camille it is your turn. Harry the question is for you. How many of Camille’s siblings have won The Virgin Games so far?

Harry sighed, “I really wish I had paid more attention to you love.” 
It was obvious Harry was feeling like shit for not paying attention to Camille. 
Harry we need an answer please. 
“Two,” Harry sighed. 
Actually, none of Camille’s siblings have won The Virgin Games before her. So Harry and Camille have one life left. I wonder if Camille will be able to answer this question right. What year did Harry’s parents compete in The Virgin Games? 
Camille swallowed hard knowing this could be the end of her and Harry. 
“3016,” she spoke softly. 
Camille, that is incorrect. The answer was 3015. That means Harry and Camille will be in our bottom two. The bottom two will have a similar mental challenge as this one. As for the rest of the couples you are now free to leave the arena. I will see you all soon. 
Harry and Camille please join Hope and Marcus. I hope everyone is prepared for a really good show. This mental challenge will have you all on the edge of your seats. 


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