The Virgin Games

Set in 3030 where it is illegal to have sex before marriage. The idea behind The Virgin Games came about in 3000 when the population was spiraling out of control. To help contain it the world leaders created the games. Ten couples are sent into the games to compete. There are nine rounds after every round a couple is eliminated.Being eliminated also means death. The winner of the games will be married and allowed to continue on with the population. (One Direction not famous!)


7. Chapter 6

The hall was filling with people who were planning on watching the banquet. All the competitors were waiting in the back because they all were to walk in at once. All ten couples were waiting in separate rooms to be introduced by the one and only Avan Garcia! 

Avan walked into the first room where Tiffany and Layla were waiting nervously. Layla stood strong once she saw Avan open the door though, her back straight as could be. 

Avan looked them up and down, waiting for a flaw to pounce on immediately but both women had come more than prepared. 

Layla's pants line was perfect all the wall down to her black, dress shoes. Her white button down shirt was pressed neatly and fit like a glove. Tiffany wore a long red dress and looked breathtaking in the shiny fabric. 

"Well then ladies," Avan said as he smiled. "Let's go then."

His smile was one similar to the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland and he always managed to scare at least one couple who was in the games. Avan's blue suit was tailored to make him look more pricey than a block of gold. The suit looked to be made of pure sapphire and diamonds. 

Layla allowed Tiffany to wrap her arm in hers as the two women began walking out into the banquet hall. They had no idea they were first out into the banquet hall where hundreds of people from the nation were still filing in to watch. 

"Ladies and gentlemen! Please welcome the first couple competing in The Virgin Games!" his voice bellowed in the hall and everyone cheered. "This here is Layla and Tiffany!" 

He motioned for the women to go and sit down at the far end of the table. The table held their feast and it was custom they would have a five course meal and have to eat every bit of food. Many of the competitors wouldn't eat the day of just to prove their strength in this simple task. 

"Now everyone get ready! Here comes the next couple!" Avan cheered while the nations' people screamed for the next pair of virgins.

Harry and Camille walked in next, holding hands and wearing winning smiles. 

"Harry and Camille everyone!" Avan yelled over them and he motioned them down the table. 

"Hello ladies," Harry smiled at Layla and Tiffany as he pulled out Camille's chair. 

"Next we have," Avan looked down at the card positioned slyly in his hand, "Natalie and Wyatt!" 

The couple entered waving, smiling, even though everyone knew that this was the beginning of a torture evening and a torture two weeks. 

The three couples sitting at the tables began to eye one another down, looking for any sign of a weakness as Avan continued to introduce all the couples. 

"Jay and Greg!" Avan yelled and they made their way down to the table. "Hope and Marcus everyone! Come on give it up for these lovely couples!" 

"This is so stupid," Natalie groaned sitting here. "I wish we could have gone last and we wouldn't have to stare at this food and not eat."

"You do know we do not actually eat this food. They are going to bring us prepared plates," Layla snapped at Natalie. 

"Whatever," Natalie threw he nose up at Layla. 

"Good thing we weren't looking for an alliance," Layla smirked. 

Wyatt grabbed Natalie's hand hoping to stop this petty fight before it would get out of hand but of course Natalie was her own independent person. 

"We would never be in an alliance with a pair of dykes!" Natalie yelled. 

Jay and Greg shook their heads but only stared at each other knowing that they were considered the weakest at the table. 

"Whoa!" Harry intervened. "That is just cruel. Mate get a handle on your soon to be wife."

"You never know," Wyatt mumbled and Natalie shoved him. 

"We will win this," she snapped at him. 

"Megan and Finn my lovely nation!" Avan's voice boomed over the petty conversation that was happening at the table. "Oh and the lovely couple Perrie and Zayn! Zerrie has been getting plenty of support lately!"

Chatter continued among the table. 

"Natalie please do not cause us to lose the games because of your differed opinion toward some people," Wyatt whispered into her ear harshly. "If you do not start behaving I will walk out of here and let them kill you. Now control your mouth and your black heart can live!" 

Natalie wanted nothing more than to snap on Wyatt right then and there but she knew she couldn't.

"Louis and Marie! Come on give it up for these lovely couples! We are almost done!" Avan yelled as the couple walked toward the table. Marie tripped over her gown but Louis caught her. "Oops looks like someone may get out of these games before it even begins."

Marie's face became bright as a tomato and Louis whispered into her ear, "you are alright. Come on love."

She nodded and they continued onto the table. 

"Hope and Marcus everyone!" Avan said as the couple emerged from the back. "Now I present Niall and Dawn!"

Avan waited as the couple reached the table. 

"And last but not least everyone Liam and Alejandra!" 

Natalie immediately looked up to have every bit of fear she was feeling multiplied when she saw Liam Payne walking toward the table. 

"That bastard!" she yelled as he reached the long table. "You bastard of a liar!" she continued to yell and the entire table looked at her like she was crazy. 

"Calm down!" Wyatt yelled at her. 

Liam looked down at the commotion that was becoming known all across the room to see Natalie sitting there. Liam lost all color in his face and swallowed hard. 

Everyone sitting at the table was completely confused, except the two star crossed lovers who could never admit their love to each other. 

Avan walked up right as the tension was growing unbearable. 

"Whoa Natalie!" Avan flipped a microphone down for her to talk into. "Please tell us why you are so mad at Mr. Liam Payne down there?" Avan pointed at Liam but he just grabbed Alejandra's hand and squeezed it tightly. 

"You are okay, breathe," she whispered into his ear. 

"I apologize Avan," Natalie seemed to have practiced this speech a hundred times and was ready for the question. "That is not who I thought it was."

Natalie glanced down at Liam and continued to explain herself. 

"You see before I met Wyatt here I was dating someone. He looked an awful lot like, what did you say his name was again?"

"Liam Payne," Avan raised an eyebrow. 

"Oh yes Liam. He does look a lot like my ex. I got so angry because my ex left me the day we were going to sign up for the games. I apologize to all the wonderful people of my nation for the misunderstanding."

The whole room gave Natalie a standing ovation for her wonderful performance. 

"Oh you poor thing!" Avan called. "Well I am so glad that you have Wyatt here now!" 

Wyatt smiled at Natalie a congratulations of keeping her composure when she needed to. He would thank her a hundred times later. 

"Well everyone welcome to The Virgin Games! You've now seen the ten lovely couples who will be competing! And after the feast we will get to know each couple more in detail! So stay here watching your Virgin Games!" Avan got the crowd cheering again. 

Waiters were bringing out the first course of the meal when Wyatt decided to thank Natalie. 

"Thank you Natalie, for keeping it together this time."

She leaned into Wyatt's ear and whispered, "We will win now. There is no way in hell I am going to let that slut from a different nation be with Liam."  

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