The Virgin Games

Set in 3030 where it is illegal to have sex before marriage. The idea behind The Virgin Games came about in 3000 when the population was spiraling out of control. To help contain it the world leaders created the games. Ten couples are sent into the games to compete. There are nine rounds after every round a couple is eliminated.Being eliminated also means death. The winner of the games will be married and allowed to continue on with the population. (One Direction not famous!)


6. Chapter 5

*Tiffany and Layla*

"They'll count us out," Layla stood tall tying Tiffany's tie. "Just because we are gay they doubt our ability to win the games."

"Only one gay couple has won the games though Layla," Tiffany was worried about the games more than she wanted to let on. "We're not the only gay couple in the games either. I overheard.."

"Stop it. You are going to psych yourself out. We are going to win Tiffany. And don't forget it," Layla had to prove everything.

Layla came from a family of ten. She was the youngest and the only gay one in the family. Going into the games was going to be one of the hardest thing she could ever imagine doing. All her siblings had won so what were the chances she would lose? 

The pep talks had never stopped for Layla and Tiffany. Luckily for Tiffany she could choose to ignore them seeing as she was an only child and her parents had asked her to never enter the games. 

"We are going to do this my love," Layla pulled Tiffany in for a kiss. "We are going to win."


*Liam & Alejandra*

"I don't want to be here either Liam!" Alejandra yelled at him. "If you weren't coming from the most elite family my father would never have let me enter the games with you!"

"Ha! I have someone else Alejandra. We just come from feuding families," Liam sighed not wanting to argue with someone he had known for just a month. 

Liam's family was known for winning the games, and not just winning. The competition were destroyed by the famous Payne's. The only family who was seen as a threat to the Payne family name was Natalie's family, the Courtsons. 

"Let's just go. I didn't move three nations to lose the games."


The rest of the couples:

Jay & Greg. 

Megan & Finn.

Hope & Marcus.




The games are starting in the next chapter! I hope you are ready everyone!

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