The Virgin Games

Set in 3030 where it is illegal to have sex before marriage. The idea behind The Virgin Games came about in 3000 when the population was spiraling out of control. To help contain it the world leaders created the games. Ten couples are sent into the games to compete. There are nine rounds after every round a couple is eliminated.Being eliminated also means death. The winner of the games will be married and allowed to continue on with the population. (One Direction not famous!)


2. Chapter 1

*Harry & Camille*

"Harry?" Camille calls from the other side of the room. "Can you help me adjust my necklace?"
"Sure love," he walks over to her kissing her neck before helping her. 

"Is this the right thing to do Harry?" 

"Of course it is Camille."

"But what if we don't win," she took a deep breathe. "That means no marriage. No life..." she trailed off as the tears formed in her eyes. 

Harry wiped the small tears away and pulled her in for a quick kiss. 

"I love you. I will die with you. In my mind, we're already married."

Harry pulled Camille close and kissed her with all his love. Harry feared for the possibility of death and no future life with Camille but, he believed they could do it. 

"I wish we didn't have to wait," Camille whispered in his ear. 

"Me too love," he sighed. "Me too."

"What do you think it will be like though?"

Camille thought long and hard before answering the question. The first time she had thought about the games was when she was ten. Her mother had begun her training then. Telling her that no daughter of hers would remain single for her life. She would be brave enough to fall in love and win the games. 

But her upbringing was no different than the rest of the population. Once the games had started there was no stopping. Your family name would be put to shame if you lost. 
If you had younger siblings they had to wait five years before they could present themselves at the games. Five years could cause your chances in the games to lessen dramatically. 

Once the first sibling lost, it was almost certain that the rest of the siblings would die in the games. 

"I think it'll be hard. It will test our love. My mother said it was round five when she knew that she was destined to be with my father."

"Wait, she didn't know before?"

"My grandparents forced them to enter the games together. They were both certain to win. They almost didn't."

"Oh," Harry couldn't imagine his life without Camille. He was one hundred percent certain that Camille was the girl that he would marry. And it order to do that they had to win the games. 

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