Forever And Always- Sequel to His Other Side

~This is the sequel to my first fan-fiction, His Other Side.~

Haley Reagan was the happiest girl in the world when she became Haley Styles in the previous book of the Forever And Always series, His Other Side. Now things get serious. Because marriage isn't completely fun and games. It's life. And what happens when things seem to go all wrong at the worst possible time? Will Haley and Harry work out and love each other forever and always?

*Credit to Lallypop and British for the name of the story/series. Thanks you guys :)*


3. 'Watch Your Back. I'm Watching You'

"Come on, Harry! You're going to miss your flight!" I exclaimed to my lazy husband. He had let us sleep in, which was not the best decision since his flight leaves at 10 and it was 9:15. He came running down the stairs, pulling up his pants along the way. "Just a minute." he said, zooming into the kitchen. He grabbed the glass of orange juice that was sitting on the counter and gulped it down. He buckled his pants and ran out to the car.

"Are you sure you have everything?" I asked him, putting on my seat belt. He nodded. He pulled out of the driveway. "Are you sure you're going to make it?" I asked nervously. He looked at me. "Trust me. They will hold a plane for Harry Styles." he said with a wink. I rolled my eyes.

Just then 'Story Of My Life' started playing through the speakers. Harry groaned and went to turn it off. I slapped his hand away. "Don't turn it off! This is like my favorite song!" I told him. He just sighed and continued to drive. I started to sing along. Harry kept glancing over at me and smiling. "What?" I asked after a while. He just smiled. "I'm going to miss you so much." he said. "Harry, stop. You're going to make me cry again." I groaned. He chuckled. "Sorry. But it's true."

We arrived at the airport at around 9:30. We parked the car and walked in. We took our time to get to the gate. We got there at 9:55. "Mr. Styles, the plane is taking off soon. You're going to have to board the plane now." a flight attendant said to Harry. "Okay, just one more minute." he told her.

He took both his hands in mine and looked into my eyes. Both our eyes started to get watery. "I love you, Haley." he whispered. "I love you, too." I said, my lip starting to quiver. He wrapped his arms around me. I started crying into his chest. I felt his lips press against the top of my head. "I'll call you as soon as I get to America." he told me. I nodded.

He pulled away and held onto my arms. He leaned down and gave me a long kiss. "Be careful. I don't want anything happening to you while I'm gone." he said. "I will. And don't be sad. I know you'll have lots of fun with the boys. And make sure you tell them I said hi." I told him. He nodded. "I will." I gave him another hug and kiss. He pulled away and let out a long sigh. "Bye." I said waving as he walked away. He turned around and waved back. Then he disappeared around a corner.

I sighed and started to walk away. Just then I heard my phone start to ring.

"Hello?" I answered.

"Watch your back. I'm watching you." a deep voice said.

Then I heard a click as whoever was on the other line hung up. I felt my face go white. I pulled the phone that was in my shaking hand away from my ear. I looked around the crowded airport. The hustle and bustle made my head pound. I didn't see anyone suspicious. I quickly walked to the car. I got in and sped to the house. I ran up to the door and opened it with my shaking hands. I closed it behind me and let out a long, shaky sigh.

I heard barking coming from the living room. I walked in and saw Rocky and Lexi standing on the couch. "Well, hello babies!" I said excitedly. I sat down on the couch and ran my hands along their backs. Lexi's back arched as I made my hand from her head to her tail. I smiled. I'm glad I have these little cuties to keep me company while Harry's gone. My phone dinged. I gulped and slowly picked it up.

From: Blocked: Watch your back. I'm watching you.

I looked out my window. Nothing. I ran around the house closing all the blinds and locking all the windows and doors. I grabbed the animals an went to my safe place. My getaway. I laid down a blanket I had brought up with me. Rocky and Lexi laid down on it. I walked over to the piano and started to play. Just random things. I started singing as well. It always calms me down. I must have been playing for a good three hours before I heard my phone ring. I cautiously picked it up. I breathed out a sigh of relief. Niall.

"Hello?" I answered.

"Hey Haley! What's up?"

"Oh nothing. Just playing the piano."

"Cool! Any good songs?"

"Not really. Just playing random stuff, you know?"


There was a pause before I spoke up.

"So what are you doing?"

"Nothing much. I'm just sitting in the private jet by myself. I'm waiting for the other boys to show up. I've been waiting for like 30 minutes and I'm getting bored."

I giggled at his aggravation. I heard voices talking to Niall.

"Liam! Hey, mate." I heard Niall say. There was some muffled voices. 

"I'm talking to Haley." I heard him tell Liam.

There was some crashing sounds, like they were...wrestling?

"Liam! Stop!"

"Hi Haley!" Liam yelled.

"Liam! Give me my phone!"

"Umm, hi Liam."

All of a sudden I heard a knock on the front door that rattled the house. I jumped and gasped.

"Is there something wrong?" Liam asked.

"Liam, I'll call you back" I said quickly.

I hung up and slowly walked down stairs. There was another knock. I cautiously went to the door. I stood on my tip toes to look out the peephole. I breathed out a sigh of relief as I saw who was standing there. I opened the door.

"Haley!" Eleanor squealed giving me a big hug. "Hi Eleanor." I said. She pushed passed me into the house.  "Well, come on in." I said sarcastically. I closed the door and we walked into the living room.  I noticed that she was holding a pillow and some pajamas. "Umm, why are you here?" I asked, cocking my head. "Isn't it obvious? I'm sleeping over!" she said excitedly. "Oh, umm, okay?" I said, but it came out more like a question.

There was another knock at the door.  "That must be the girls!" Eleanor said, running towards the door. "The girls?" I asked. I heard a bunch of voices before Eleanor came back, followed by Danielle, Perrie and Sarah. Oh, the girls. "Hey, girl!" Danielle squealed. "Hey." I said, giving her a hug. "Slumber party!" Perrie said, throwing her hands up in the air. I gave her a hug and then Sarah. She looked sad.

"Sarah, what's wrong?" I asked her. "I miss my Nialler." she whined. I chuckled and rolled my eyes. "What? I do! And I know you miss Harry." she pointed out. She was right. I missed Harry more than anything. "So, the boys have an interview as soon as they all get to the U.S. so we will watch it together!" Perrie announced. We all cheered. I love the girls. I think the reason we get along so well is because we all go through the same things. The fame, the love, the hate; all of it.

"What do you want to do until then?" Danielle asked. "Well, we could talk about Mrs. Styles honeymoon!" Eleanor suggested. "Yeah! How was it?" Sarah asked. "It was really good. We had a lot of fun." I told them. We sat down on the couch and talked about all of our relationships and some other stuff.

So apparently, Zayn and Perrie should be getting married really soon here! Eleanor and Louis are engaged. Danielle overheard Niall and Louis talking about Liam proposing so they should be engaged soon. Sarah and Niall are doing good. "I think we'll stay boyfriend and girlfriend for a while. Don't want to rush things." Sarah said.

Just then Eleanor and Perrie's phones began to ring. "Hey Lou!" Eleanor chirped. "Hi Zayn!" Perrie answered. They must have got to the U.S. Well, that just leaves Harry. Me, Dani and Sarah talked for a while before they got called by their boyfriends. I sat around for a while. God, they sure were taking there good old time. My phone started to ring. Finally!

"Hello!" I said, not bothering to look at my phone before answering.

"Have fun with your friends...while you still have them." an eerie voice said.

I brought the phone away from my ear and quickly hung up. My breathing quickened. I glanced at the window. The curtains were closed. "Hal, are you okay?" El asked. My head shot in her direction. Her and the other girls were looking at me curiously. "Yeah, I'm fine." I told them, forcing a smile. They went back to talking with their boyfriends/fiances. "Haley, Harry just got in." Sarah told me. I smiled and nodded. My phone rang. I checked to make sure it was Harry before answering. Thank god it was.

"Hello?" I answered.

"Hey, baby." Harry said.

"Hi. So did you get in safely?"

"Yep. Everything went fine."

There was a moment of silence.

"I miss you so much." Harry said.

I sighed.

"Harry, don't. You're going to make me cry."

"I'm sorry. But it's true."

There was a voice that Harry was talking to. 

"Haley, I gotta go. We have an interview to go to. Channel 17, by the way."

"Okay. Can't wait to see it."

"I love you. Bye, beautiful."

"I love you, too. Bye."

I hung up and looked at the girls. "Channel 17! Channel 17!" Sarah kept telling Eleanor, who was holding the T.V. remote in her hand. "I know, I know." she said. She turned to channel 17. "It's going to be a little while." Dani pointed out. We all waited for about an hour before it came on.

I yawned and glanced at the clock. 3 in the morning. No wonder I'm so tired. The boys walked on stage. The girls and I all squealed. "Aww look at Liam! He looks so cute!" Dani said. "So does Zayn!" Perrie exclaimed. "And Louis!" Eleanor chirped. "And Niall, too!" Sarah said. "Especially Harry." I pointed out. We all giggled and started to watch the interview.


Harry's P.O.V.

"Hi, boys! How are you doing?" the interviewer, Abigail, asked. "Good." we all said in unison. "So, Harry, how are you and Mrs. Styles?" she asked me. "We're great." I told her. Mrs. Styles; oh how I miss her. "How was you're wedding?" Abigail asked. "It was amazing. Everyone did a wonderful job of putting it together. It was perfect." I gushed.

"Aww, you and Haley are so cute!" she squealed. "So what did you do after the wedding?" "We just kind of hung out. We watched movies and talked and just stuff like that." I told her. "And they had sex." Louis added. "I was staying in the hotel room next to theirs." Everyone irrupted in laughter. I felt myself turn bright red. "Louis!" I said, annoyed. He laughed along with everyone else. Once the laughter died down, we started talking about the tour that starts tomorrow and just stuff like that.

"Now lets have some questions from the fans!" Abigail announced. She grabbed a pile of index cards from off the table that was beside her chair. "First we have some relationship questions." she told us. "Okay; first one is from Caitlyn C. from Portland, Oregon. The question is, 'Are you all officially taken?'" We all nodded. "Yeah." I said, looking at the boys.

"So let me see if I can remember," Abigail started. "Louis is with Eleanor, Zayn is with Perrie, Liam is with Danielle, Niall is with Sarah, and Harry is with Haley. I'm a right?" "Yep. That's right." I said. "So how are all your girlfriends or fiances or wives doing?" she asked. "They're doing great." Liam said. "And I'm guessing you all really miss them?" "Of course. We miss them all like crazy." Niall told her.

"Do any of you like talk about them constantly?" Abigail asked. Oh boy, here it comes. "Harry." Liam, Zayn, Louis and Niall all said in unison. I felt myself turn red. "Yeah like on the way here, Harry was all like 'I miss Haley so much,' and 'I wish I could be with her,' and 'She's so beautiful.'" Louis mocked. "Well it's true!" I defended. Everyone was laughing. "Aww Harry. That's so cute!" Abigail squealed.

"Okay next question is from Katie K. from Miami, Florida. Her question is, 'What is the most beautiful thing about your girlfriends, fiances or wives? Niall, let's start with you." "I'd have to say Sarah's eyes. They're really pretty." Niall told her. "Eleanor's personality is just so nice. She's really sweet." Louis gushed. "Perrie's smile is the best." Zayn said. "I'm going to have to go agree with Louis on this one, Dani's personality is just so much fun." Liam said smiling.

It was my turn. Well, was everything an option? No, but what do I pick...? "Her heart." I finally said. "What?" Abigail asked. "Haley has a beautiful heart. She's so kind and nice to everyone and she is just a beautiful person on the inside. The outside, too, but, you know." I said. "Well thanks Harry for making our answers seem like dirt." Louis joked. I chuckled.

"That's so sweet, Harry. Now next we have some music related questions." Abby told us. We answered some more questions before we had to leave. "It was great having you on the show. Have fun on your tour!" Abigail told us. "We will." we all said in unison. We said our goodbyes and went out to the tour bus.

I was exhausted so I went to the bunk to take a nap. I crashed onto the hard mattress. I noticed some writing on the bottom of the bunk above mine. "H+H." I read. I chuckled. Haley must have written this when she went on tour with us the last time. She's so cute. I laid down and closed my eyes, thinking about my beautiful girl back home.

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