Forever And Always- Sequel to His Other Side

~This is the sequel to my first fan-fiction, His Other Side.~

Haley Reagan was the happiest girl in the world when she became Haley Styles in the previous book of the Forever And Always series, His Other Side. Now things get serious. Because marriage isn't completely fun and games. It's life. And what happens when things seem to go all wrong at the worst possible time? Will Haley and Harry work out and love each other forever and always?

*Credit to Lallypop and British for the name of the story/series. Thanks you guys :)*


20. *Important Announcement- Please Read*

Hey there everyone! So I have an important announcement to make. I am not planning on continuing:



Remember Me?

However, I do really like these stories and it would mean a lot of someone maybe wanted to continue them? I am planning on starting to write a Michael Clifford (5sos) fanfic shortly so I won't have time to continue these three. Is anyone interested in taking one or more of them and continuing them on? If not, I will leave them up for everyone but I will eventually (in 6 months or so if there's no takers) have to delete them. If you like the story lines but want to make them your own just let me know and you will be more than welcome to use the ideas to make your own fantastic stories. I hope you all understand. I really appreciated the positive feedback on them and enjoyed writing them for you guys but unfortunately I don't have the time anymore to complete them. Thanks everybody. Love you all!


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