Forever And Always- Sequel to His Other Side

~This is the sequel to my first fan-fiction, His Other Side.~

Haley Reagan was the happiest girl in the world when she became Haley Styles in the previous book of the Forever And Always series, His Other Side. Now things get serious. Because marriage isn't completely fun and games. It's life. And what happens when things seem to go all wrong at the worst possible time? Will Haley and Harry work out and love each other forever and always?

*Credit to Lallypop and British for the name of the story/series. Thanks you guys :)*


13. His Reaction

Haley's P.O.V.

Harry stared at me, his eyes wide. "What?" he whispered. I nodded and let a single tear fall down my cheek. I quickly prepared myself for the worst. "I-I'm gonna be a dad?" he stuttered. "Yeah." I said quietly. His mouth dropped open into a smile. "I'm gonna be a dad!" he said excitedly. He grabbed me and spun me around. I laughed at him. He set me down and looked at me happily.

"I can't believe it." he said quietly. "Me, neither." I agreed. "I'm gonna be a dad!" he yelled through the nearly empty airport. "Shh, not so loud." I giggled. He grabbed my hands and looked into my eyes. "I'm gonna be a dad." he whispered. "How long have you known?" he asked. "A couple days. I've been pregnant for two weeks." I told him. He glanced down at my stomach and then back up. "Well, we better get going." he said to me. "Wait, we?" I asked curiously. "Of course. I'm not going to leave my pregnant wife alone by herself." he pointed out.

He grabbed my hand and we walked down to the private jet. The other boys were already on it. "Haley, what are you doing here?" Zayn asked when he saw me. "I'm going on tour with you guys!" I answered excitedly. All the boys cheered. "Should we tell them?" Harry whispered in my ear as we sat down. I thought about it before shaking my head. "Not yet." I told him. The plane took off a few minutes later.

I stared out the window, still a tad upset about the whole thing. I felt Harry grab my hand. I looked over at him. He gave me a sad smile. "You okay?" he whispered. I shrugged. "I guess." He looked around to make sure nobody was listening. All the boys were asleep. "Is it about the baby?" he asked quietly. I lightly nodded. He put his arm around me.

"It's just...we just got married. I wanted to wait a bit before having children. And earlier, you told me you didn't even want kids." I said "Don't worry, I didn't mean it. I was just upset about having to leave." he reassured me. I nodded and looked down at my stomach. "I know you will make a wonderful mother." he added, putting his hand on my stomach, even though it was still flat. "And you will make a wonderful father." I said back. He leaned over and pecked my lips. "I know you're probably not as happy as I am, but I promise we'll get through this together." he promised. I laid my head down on his shoulder.

He pulled out his phone and went on the Internet, since the plane had wifi. He went to google and searched 'baby names'. I chuckled and rolled my eyes. "Harry, I've only been pregnant for two weeks. We don't even know if it's a boy or a girl yet." I pointed out. "No! Don't spoil the excitement!" he exclaimed. I laughed at him as he scrolled through the long list of names.

"If it's a girl, I've always wanted a Darcy. Or maybe Sydney." he told me. I smiled at him. "What about a boy?" I asked. "Harry Jr." he replied. I couldn't help but laugh. "The boys would probably want it named after them, though." he pointed out.

"Ooh! I like that one!" I said and pointed to the name 'Bradley'. "Bradley? Hmm, interesting choice." he said. "I think it's cute. 'Bradley Edward Styles'." I told him. "Yeah, actually not bad. What about this?" he asked, pointing to the name 'Harold'. I rolled my eyes. "I'm not naming my child 'Harold'." I spat. "Why not? After its daddy?" "Its daddy is Harry. Not Harold. Harold just sounds like an old man." He laughed at me.

We looked through lots of names before he fell asleep. I placed my hands on my stomach and fell asleep also, thinking about how wonderful it will be to have a child with Harry.


I woke up in a car. I groggily opened my eyes and looked around. "Hello, sleepy head." Harry chuckled. I looked over at him. "Did I sleep that whole time?" I asked in shock. "Yeah. And when we landed I figured that you and the baby needed sleep so I just carried you to the van." he explained in a whisper. I looked down at my stomach and smiled. I still couldn't believe I had a little person growing inside me.

I looked around. The boys were all talking around us. "Where are we?" I asked. "Seattle." Harry replied. I looked out the window as we passed the Space Needle. "Cool. I've never been to Washington." I admitted. We pulled into a parking lot that had a big tour bus in it. We all got out of the car and walked over to the bus. "Is this the same one from the last tour?" I asked. "Yup." Liam said and plopped down on the couch. I went over and sat down next to him. "Is there a show tonight?" Niall asked. "No, tomorrow." Louis responded.

The bus drove off towards the hotel we were staying at. I glanced over at Harry, who was acting rather jittery. I pulled out my phone.

To: Haz <3

You okay?

His phone dinged and he looked at it.

From: Haz <3

Not really. It's just hard to hold in my excitement...

To: Haz <3

Haha maybe we can tell them tonight.

From: Haz <3

Ooh! I just came up with an awesome idea!

To: Haz <3

Are you going to share??

From: Haz <3

Nope. You'll just have to wait and see ;)

I chuckled and put my phone back in my pocket. Just then, my head started to hurt a bit. It started small before it hurt really bad. Then my chest started burning. Headache and heartburn. Thanks, child. I thought to myself. My head was throbbing now. I stood up and went over to Harry. "I have a headache so I'm gonna go lay down." I whispered in his ear. "Aww, I'm sorry, love. Just get some rest. And tell the baby that daddy says it better stop messing with mommy." he whispered sternly. I laughed and went back to the bunks.

I laid down in mine and Harry's and looked up. 'H+H' was written in sharpie right above me. I smiled lightly. I remembered writing that when I went on tour with the boys the first time. That was so much fun. Hopefully this tour can be just as fun, even if I do have a little person growing inside me.

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