Forever And Always- Sequel to His Other Side

~This is the sequel to my first fan-fiction, His Other Side.~

Haley Reagan was the happiest girl in the world when she became Haley Styles in the previous book of the Forever And Always series, His Other Side. Now things get serious. Because marriage isn't completely fun and games. It's life. And what happens when things seem to go all wrong at the worst possible time? Will Haley and Harry work out and love each other forever and always?

*Credit to Lallypop and British for the name of the story/series. Thanks you guys :)*


17. Another Concert (With A Twist)

Haley's P.O.V.

I woke up in mine and Harry's bunk and looked around. I reached down and pulled my phone out of my pocket. 8:00pm. I could hear music blasting faintly. I climbed out of the bed and stood up. My stomach was still gurgling, but it was better than earlier. I went into the bathroom and put my hair in a ponytail. Then I went back out to grab my crackers. I found a note sitting on them.


The concert will be over at 9. If you need anything, ask Paul, Preston or Lou. But if you need me, I'll be there! I love you (both of you)

xx Harry

I smiled and set it back down. I left the bus and went to the backstage. I was in my pajamas but I didn't care. I was munching on a cracker when I saw a familiar face wave at me. I smiled and waved back. "Hey, Haley!" Ashton Irwin from 5 Seconds Of Summer exclaimed as he ran up to me. "Hey, Ashton!" I said happily and gave him a hug. "How've you been?" he asked. "I've been better. I've been super sick with this baby inside me, but other then that I'm great. You?" "I'm good. And congrats on the baby! Harry couldn't stop talking about it earlier." he chuckled. "He never stops talking about it." I laughed.

"Hey, Ash! Can you-" another voice yelled before he turned the corner and saw me. "Haley! How are you?" he asked excitedly. "Hi, Luke! I'm good." I said and gave him a hug. "Hey, guys! Look who's come to visit!" he yelled. Calum and Michael came around the corner. "Hey!" they cheered in unison. I gave them both hugs.

Calum poked my stomach. "Look at that! A bump!" he exclaimed. "Did Harry tell you go say that?" I asked. "No." he laughed. "We're all so happy for you guys!" Michael told me. "Thanks." I chuckled. "Boys! Can you come here really quick?" a girls voice called. "Coming, Lou!" Ashton yelled back. "See you later, Haley." they all said and walked off.

I went to the opening to the stage and listened to the boys sing 'Better Than Words'. I was standing off to the side and smiling. "Hear that? That's your daddy?" I said to my stomach. I felt a small tickle inside me. 'What was that?' I thought to myself. I felt it again. I gasped and smiled. The baby was moving. I looked up at Harry. The song had just finished. He was walking around the stage while Niall was talking. Zayn noticed me and nudged Harry. He pointed to where I was. "I'll be right back!" he yelled into his microphone and quickly ran over to me.

"Hey, baby." he said and gave me a kiss. I felt the tickle again. "Harry, the baby's moving." I told him. His eyes lit up and he placed his hand on my stomach. "You can't feel it. It's not a kick, it's just moving." I told him. "Then how do you know it's moving?" he asked. "I can feel a tickle inside me. Like butterflies are flying around inside me." I explained. He laughed with happiness and gave me a hug. He quickly pecked my cheek before running back on stage. "Baby Styles was moving in mummy's belly!" he exclaimed. Everyone cheered, including the boys. Harry looked back at me and blew me a kiss. I laughed at him and went over to a chair. I plopped down on it and sighed. I lightly placed my hands on my stomach. 'Strong' started to be played. I softly sang along.

Afterwards, I heard Liam start to talk. "There's a very special girl here tonight that I want to come up on stage." he said. I went over and watched Danielle climb onto the stage. She approached Liam and he grabbed her hands. "Dani, I love you more than words can explain. I know you're the one for me, and there's nobody else I would want to ask this question." he said to her. I saw Dani's jaw drop as he got down on one knee and pulled out a small box. "Danielle Peazer, will you please marry me?" Danielle put her hands over her mouth and nodded. Liam stood up put the ring on her finger. She wrapped her arms around him and gave him a kiss. I cheered along with everyone else. After a moment they separated and Danielle came backstage.

She ran up to me and squealed. She gave me a tight hug. "Oh my god, congrats!" I said happily. "Thanks!" she replied. She pulled away and wiped the tears from her eyes. We both looked down at her ring. "It's beautiful." she whispered. "Wow, it is." I said in agreement. It was a silver band with diamonds on the front that separated on both sides in the front and came together to hold a large, sparkling diamond. "I can't believe it! I'm engaged!" she exclaimed. "I know! Liam's a lucky guy." I responded. "Thanks, Haley." She glanced down at my stomach. "And this little thing better come out soon so it can be the flower girl or ring barer at its Uncle Liam's and Aunt Danielle's wedding." she said poking it. I laughed at her. "Well you'll have to wait a while before that can happen." I pointed out. She nodded. "I guess you're right. Ooh! I got to go call my mum and tell her the news!" she said and ran off.

I chuckled and went back over to my chair. It was occupied by Luke. "Luke, get out of my chair." I whined. "Your chair? Well, you'll have to fight for it." he said evilly. "Fine." I said and sat on him. "Hey, get off!" he laughed, trying to push me off. "Hey, you wouldn't hurt a pregnant woman, would you?" I asked sternly. "No." he signed and wrapped his arms around my stomach. "How about we share the chair?" he suggested. "Good idea." I replied.

He scooted over a bit and let me have half the chair. "Thanks, Lukie." I giggled. "You're welcome, Haley-ie." he responded. I laughed at him. "Come on, Luke. Time for the final thing." Michael said as he, Aston and Calum walked passed. Luke groaned and stood up. I laughed at him and watched the four boys run on stage.

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