Forever And Always- Sequel to His Other Side

~This is the sequel to my first fan-fiction, His Other Side.~

Haley Reagan was the happiest girl in the world when she became Haley Styles in the previous book of the Forever And Always series, His Other Side. Now things get serious. Because marriage isn't completely fun and games. It's life. And what happens when things seem to go all wrong at the worst possible time? Will Haley and Harry work out and love each other forever and always?

*Credit to Lallypop and British for the name of the story/series. Thanks you guys :)*


18. And It All Goes Wrong

Haley's P.O.V.

*3 Months Later*

I now had medium-sized bump. It had grown a lot in the past few months. You could definitely tell I was pregnant now. I loved it! The sickness was pretty much over. I only threw up about once every couple weeks. Harry and the boys have been amazing. They're all so excited!

I woke up to someone rubbing my stomach. I figured it was Harry. Again. He always talks to the baby. Especially when he thinks I'm asleep. But normally I'm just pretending. I heard him yawn. "Good morning, my baby." he whispered and rubbed my stomach. "Tomorrow were gonna find out if you're a boy or a girl! It doesn't matter what you are to me, as long as you're mine. Oh, and your mum's." I rolled my eyes in my mind.

Just then, I felt something hit me. Harry gasped and placed his hand on my stomach in a different spot. I felt it again. "Haley, wake up! The baby is kicking!" he exclaimed; rather loudly, I might add. "Harry it's 9 o'clock in the morning. Go back to sleep." I groaned. "Come on, babe! Feel it!" he begged. "I can feel it, stupid." I pointed out. "Oh, right." he chuckled and lightly pushed on my stomach again.

"It's saying hello." he told me. "No, it's saying go back to sleep!" I argued. He laughed and laid back down. I opened my eyes to find him laying right in front of me. "Harry, it's early." I whined. "I know, but we have a big show tonight. It's our last one of the tour." he said happily. "I can't wait to be in my own house again." I sighed. "Me, neither." he agreed and pecked my lips. I felt the baby kick again. "Alright, child, I will get up!" I yelled and got out of bed.

I went into the living room part of the bus and sat down. "Why are you up so early?" Liam asked, sitting down next to me. "The baby was kicking." I replied. All of a sudden, Niall leaped out if his bunk and ran over to me. "It was kicking?!" he asked excitedly. "Umm, yeah?" I responded uneasily. "Can I feel it? I've never felt a baby kick before." he said quietly. I chuckled. "Sure." He carefully placed his hand on my stomach. "I don't feel anything." he told me. "Here." I said and moved his hand. "Now push down lightly." He obeyed and gently pushed down. I felt a kick right in Niall's hand. He gasped. "It kicked!" he said excitedly. "Yeah, baby's do that." I replied. "Kick if you love your Uncle Niall." Niall said. Kick. "It likes me!" he squealed. "Kick if you want Uncle Niall to leave you and mummy alone." I told it. Kick. I looked up at Niall and smirked. "You felt the child. Now go away." I demanded. He laughed and went back to the bathroom.

"Can I feel?" Liam asked politely. "Of course." I told him and placed his hand in the right spot. It was a couple seconds before I felt a light kick. He smiled and pulled his hand away. "Wow." he breathed. "Hopefully one day I can feel that in Danielle." "Don't worry, you will." I reassured him. Liam and Dani have been engaged for 3 months now and are still absolutely ecstatic about it. They'll make a great family!

Just then, Harry came out and plopped down next to me. He shifted me so I was sitting in between his legs and pecked my cheek. I lightly smiled and leaned my head back. "What do we got planned for today, Liam?" he asked. "I think just the rehearsals and the show tonight." Liam replied. Harry nodded and rested his chin on my shoulder. "You gonna come to the show?" he asked me. "Of course I'm coming!" I laughed. "Will it hurt the baby?" he asked. "Harry! Stop worrying about the baby! It is fine!" I groaned. Liam laughed. "I just want to make sure my child is always safe." Harry said defensively. "Our child, Harry." I responded, emphasizing the word 'our'. He chuckled and rubbed my stomach from behind.

Just then, Paul bursted through the door. "Boys! Time to gooo!" he exclaimed, holding out the 'o'. He went back to the bunks and woke up Zayn and Louis. They both got out if their bunks and joined us in the living room. We each took turns getting ready in the bathroom. Once we were all finished, we went up to where the boys sing. I sat down in the front row. Harry came and sat down next to me.

"Are you gonna be okay tonight?" he asked. I turned to him and grabbed his hands. "Harry, look at me." I demanded. He looked into my eyes. "I'm going to be fine. The baby is going to be fine. Everything's going to be fine. Stop worrying about me and have fun! Focus on what you love to do, and that's preform. It's nice that you care about me, but you need to just relax. Okay?" I said to him. He sighed and nodded. "Okay. Sorry. I just don't want anything to happen to you guys." he apologized. I leaned in and gently kissed him. "Nothing's gonna happen. I promise." I reassured him. He smiled and pecked me once more.

"Harry, come on!" I heard Niall yell. "Now go on. Just go out there and enjoy yourself." I said to him. He stood up and started to walk away. He turned the corner and was gone for a second before he jumped back out. "I love you!" he yelled. "I love you, too." I laughed. He disappeared and I let out a long sigh. "Ready to hear daddy and your uncles sing again?" I said, placing my hands on my bump. I lightly smiled. "I love you." I whispered and rubbed it softly.

*1 Long Concert Later*

The lights came back on as the concert ended. I ran backstage to the boys. They were all cheering and high-fiving. I went up to Harry and rubbed his back. "Good job, babe!" I exclaimed. He turned around and wrapped me in a right hug. "Did you enjoy it?" he asked. "Yes, we did." I replied, emphasizing the word 'we'. He smiled and kissed my nose.

Just then, my phone started to ring. I took it out of my pocket. "Hello?" I answered. I heard a muffled voice but I couldn't hear over all the noise. "Hold on a sec. Let me go somewhere quieter." I said into it. I looked at Harry. He was busy talking to Calum and Michael. I noticed Niall standing by himself. I went over to him. "Hey, Niall. I have to answer a call so can I go outside where it's quiet?" I asked him. "Sure." he replied and turned to a large man. "Can you take her outside?" he asked him. The man nodded and followed me outside. He brought me to the back where there wasn't any fans.

I put the phone back up to my ear. "Sorry about that. So what did you say?" I asked. "I hope you said goodbye to everyone, cause you're mine now." an erie voice that I hadn't heard in a while said. I gasped as I felt the large man grab me. "No!" I screamed before I felt him put something over my nose and everything went black.

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