All I Need

The Relics are just a band, right? Pretty girls using fame to get into One Direction's head? Or are they normal teenage girls, with the same dream as One Direction? The same drive, the same love? Read on to find out more.


2. The Audition: Kendall

A/N: For a character you will meet in this chapter I'm putting a picture. It's of Logan Lerman (Percy Jackson) it's just because that is how I pictured my character)


    Kendall’s POV:

          As I waited in line to get my number my heart beat loud in my chest. “Am I going to make it in? Do I really have to be able to dance? What if they hate me? I hope I do well. What is the competition like?” I thought to myself. I looked around and saw other people warming up. “Should I warm up too?” again thinking too hard. “Ma’am? Miss. Hello?” the woman waved her hand in front of my face. “Oh, I’m so sorry,” she handed me my number. “Thank you.” I looked at my number, 112. “Ok, ok, don’t be nervous. You are good, you are fine.” I mumbled to myself. I finally decided I should warm-up. Nobody was going to judge me here, we are all here for the same reason; we love to sing. As I started to warm-up they started the auditions. They went down the list; “We need numbers 1-10 to come in here.” a woman with a headset called. Ten people then walked over, and followed her into the room. An hour passed and she just called numbers 90-100 twelve people before me.

         “110-120?” the woman called. I snapped out of my trance, “Oh, that’s me.” I walked over to the woman and followed her into a room. I looked down at her badge, it said Martha. “Follow me,” she told us. She led us into a dim lit room. “Where are we?” asked a very talkative boy. He seemed around my age, maybe older. “We are in the Green Room. You will wait here until your number is called. But never mind that I need number 110 to follow me please?” A tall, lanky girl shyly walked up to her, and whispered, “That’s me.” “Good luck!” I called. She looked back at me and scowled. I really hope she didn’t get in. While waiting for my number 110’s audition to be over I spotted a cute boy. I finally got the courage to walk up to him. The closer I got the more attractive he got. He had jet black hair slicked back in a quiff, and amazing blue eyes. He also had faint freckles; I’ve always had a thing for freckles, and blue eyes.

(Pic Of Marco Here)

       “Hi,” I mumbled quietly, “Hello beautiful.” He said back. He called me beautiful, he called me beautiful! “Uh, hi.” I said again, IDIOT! I screamed at myself in my head. “You already said that.” He chuckled, and smiled. Dimples! He had dimples! Braces too! Oh, he has braces! “W-what’s your name?” I managed to stutter out. “Marco, and you, number 112?” he asked. “K-K-Kendall.” Why am I stuttering over this boy? I’ve only just met him! “That’s a cute name, it suits you, and you’re cute.” I felt myself blush, I looked down at my feet. “You don’t know your beautiful.” He sang. “I’m sorry?” He sang it again. He had a beautiful voice. “I feel really stupid saying this but-““Wait!” he cut me off, “Just in case you leave before you finish that sentence…” He awkwardly rubbed the back of his neck. “Uhh, could I maybe… Have your…?” “My number?” I asked, he nodded. “Of course Marco.” Marco, I loved that name. “Number 112?” I heard a voice call. I had already given Marco my number, and we were staring into each other’s blue eyes. “Number 112?” an annoyed and tired voice called. He looked down at my shirt, “Kendall? That’s you, you need to go.” He spoke softly. “Oh, right bye then Marco, I’ll text you!” He waved, he seemed sad; he had a frown, but was trying to hide it.

I followed Martha to the curtain. “Are you ready honey?” she asked. I just noticed she had a slight British accent, cool. “Erm, yes I’m ready thank you Martha.” I said. “Okay then honey, when I say go walk out onto the stage.” “Okay.” I replied shaking. Great now I was shaking, get it together Kendall! “Go, honey go.” “Oh, yes I’m sorry.” I walked onto the stage. Wow. That’s a lot of people, you can do it come on Kendall, “Hi!” Demi exclaimed. “What’s your name sweetheart?” she asked. “My name is Kendall Nork.” Simon suddenly decided it was his turn, “And what will you be singing,” he looked at his watch and continued,” This afternoon?” “ ‘Cry Me a River’ by Arthur Hamilton.” “Okay, whenever you’re ready!” Demi told me. Simon kinda just grunted. I started to sing,

“Now you say you're lonely
you cry the whole night thorough
well, you can cry me a river, cry me a river
I cried a river over you,”

The more I sang, the more confident I became.

“Now you say you're sorry
For bein' so untrue
Well, you can cry me a river, cry me a river
I cried a river over you

You drove me, nearly drove me out of my head
While you never shed a tear
Remember, I remember all that you said
Told me love was too plebeian
Told me you were through with me and-“

Simon stopped me, I looked around nervously. Was this supposed to happen?  I really, really hope so right now. Simon spoke up. “I stopped you because of what we’ve seen, in only those few moments was amazing… It’s a yes from me.” Yay! One yes, and from Simon Cowell! “Simon said it all, a yes from me!” Demi said excitedly. “Yes from me,” Paulina said. I loved her accent. “And it’s a yes from me also!” Kelly told, everybody. I, being a girl, started screaming and jumping up and down excitedly. I walked off stage with a grin on my face. I would be working with Demi Lovato, my idol. And probably, will see Marco at Boot Camp! I was so excited! The rest of the day was a blur, getting the pass, leaving, driving home, all just a blur.

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