All I Need

The Relics are just a band, right? Pretty girls using fame to get into One Direction's head? Or are they normal teenage girls, with the same dream as One Direction? The same drive, the same love? Read on to find out more.


1. Introduction

Mya’s POV:

    Hi, my name is Mya, Mya Rions. I’m fifteen, I love to sing and play piano! I also love, love, love One Direction! My room is filled with One Direction posters, and I’m dying to meet them, but we just don’t have the money right now… Also, please don’t think I’m one of those girls who wants One Direction, you know. I would just like to sit down and have a normal conversation, and become best friends.  My mom says the only reason I am trying out is One Direction, but whatever. In three days I’m trying out for the X-Factor!


Kayla’s POV:

     Hello, my name is Kayla, Kayla Reero. I’m sixteen (my birthday was Wednesday), and I love to sing! I love One Direction, and I would do anything to meet them… I’ve been begging my mom to get me M&G Tickets for the last three years, but no! Anyway, I’m auditioning for the X-Factor. In five days!


Raina’s POV:

     Hiya! I am Raina, Raina Lux. One thing (haha) that people notice about me is my bright orange hair. Also, no I do not dye it, it’s natural. I am fifteen, and I play the triangle. Sadly, nobody appreciates my skills. I am One Direction’s number one fan, and I’m kinda only trying out for the X-Factor because of them, in two days! I hope I get on, make it through, and win. Becoming famous, meeting One Direction, Harry Styles falling in love with me, and we get married and live happily ever after. That’s my plan, and I hope it works.


Stella’s POV:

     Hey, my name is Stella Romer. I sing a lot. In the shower, at school, at lunch, breakfast, you name it. I pretty much like everything and everyone, except One Direction. Not that they’re ugly, they are beautiful men, but I’ve never been a fan. Okay, I don’t hate them, or dislike them; I’m just not a fan. Anyways, X-Factor here we come! Four more days! Oh, and I’m fourteen, but I turn fifteen tomorrow!


Kendall’s POV:

     Heyooh, I’m Kendall Nork, I play the piano, and I love to sing!  Tomorrow, I audition for the X-Factor! I’m so nervous, but so excited! For my audition song, I’m singing “Cry Me a River” by Arthur Hamilton. I just love older music. I honestly think I get it from my mom. She listens to that stuff all the time, but I love it! I’m also sixteen, just turned by the way.



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