Love is all you need?

13 year old Ash lives in a normal American family with her two mothers and he brother, she soon realises she's not normal. This story won't have a happy ending.

-Based on a true story-


11. Acknowledgements

Based on a true story about my friends friend that came out. She then was bullied so much that she committed suicide. Her girlfriend broke up with her and then the hate started. Many people including myself were affected by this. 

Thank you to everyone who reads this and I would like to especially thank Olivia (Imperfect_Perfecionist) For supporting me while writing this story.

I hope that next time you think of something mean to say. Ask yourself. How easy is it to just not say it?

This story is dedicated to anyone who has ever felt such darkness to others hatred and misunderstanding. Always know that love is meant to be within you and you will always have one person who still loves you no matter what. You should never feel alone or wrong.

You are who you are... Unique.

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