Love is all you need?

13 year old Ash lives in a normal American family with her two mothers and he brother, she soon realises she's not normal. This story won't have a happy ending.

-Based on a true story-


9. -9-

"Well you didn't do it to yourself now did you?" Mum was getting angry now

"Shhh Sweetie don't make her more upset."

"Who did this to you, I want to know right NOW." She yelled. I was broken, shattered, but I answered anyway.

"Ashley. And her friends." I said.

"Alright, now march yourself upstairs and clean up. Tomorrow your starting karate lessons like the rest of the girls so you wont be beaten up every day."

I walked upstairs and just laid on my bed. I could hear my mothers arguing. 

"Look this is all your fault."
"This is not my fault" 
"You should've told her about this at the wedding"
"She was 5 years old."
"How about we just pack up the house and move."

"It'll happen at the next town and the next town and the next town."

"Yeah but if we stay here she'll Bob will get beat up too. Is that what you want?!?" 

"I don't get it. She was a normal child."

While this was going on I got about 50 texts from haters telling me to kill myself, calling me a hetero, faggot. I just don't think people understand how much this hurts. Before I even knew I was different, people would say it  to make me feel bad cause I did something bad. tey just don't get how much it hurts.

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