Love is all you need?

13 year old Ash lives in a normal American family with her two mothers and he brother, she soon realises she's not normal. This story won't have a happy ending.

-Based on a true story-


6. -6-

I really hoped it was just a phase like Mr. Thompson had said but then I remembered how Michael's hand felt in mine and what the thought of kissing him did to me, then I knew this wasn't a phase and I hated myself for it. 

That night I was practicing for the play and I got a text, I stopped what I was doing and checked it. It was more hate mail. I was used to it by now. I chucked my phone on my bed but the hate was still being messaged to me, notification after notification a new name every time. 

The next day, Michael asked to see me. So we met at the theatre. It was bad news, of course it was. 

"I-I-I Can't do this anymore." he said

"What? But I thought you liked me." I replied. 

"I do... did, but look, my brother found out he threatened to tell my fathers they'd get really mad if they found out." he said, we were both on the verge of tears it was wrong. 

"No, they love you."

"You don't know my dad's. My Aunt Sarah came out and the entire family cut her off, I'm not even allowed to say her name. My Papa said that god hates breeders and they are all going to burn in hell." At that moment I considered my options, which I had none of. I couldn't fell anything except a numbing pain. Michael is the only other person I know of that is like me, and now I'll have to face all those comments on my own. The voices were screaming at me in my head. "BREEDER!" "HETERO!"

"Well can I kiss you one last time?" I asked him...

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