Love is all you need?

13 year old Ash lives in a normal American family with her two mothers and he brother, she soon realises she's not normal. This story won't have a happy ending.

-Based on a true story-


4. -4-

"Guess who moved in down the road."


"A hetero couple."

There was science for a while, and my other mother answered.

"How do you know?"

"I saw them getting outta their car, he put his arm around her." She was bullying the couple, I found it really rude for some reason. "They also have a pink and blue flag on their bumper," She added. I was really worried at that moment I couldn't tell them.

"Kids, I want you and your brother walking around the other way to school." That would mean getting up earlier to get to school. "But that's twice as long." I protested. My mum looked at me as if I had killed someone. "I dont care, I don't want you anywhere near anyone who lives a lifestyle like that. Men and women living together, god, its a sin that makes me sick just thinking about it. So revolting."

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