Love is all you need?

13 year old Ash lives in a normal American family with her two mothers and he brother, she soon realises she's not normal. This story won't have a happy ending.

-Based on a true story-


10. -10-

I walked into the bathroom and turned on the tap. I looked at myself in the mirror and wondered what it would be like if I were only normal. If my life would come to this. I scoped some of the water up in my hands and started to clean my forehead where the word Hetero was written in texta. As I scrubbed the black smudged, looking blacker and uglier as i rubbed, like how I was feeling at that moment. I felt a tear running down my face. My mother came to the door and knocked. I didn't answer.

Why does everyone hate me?

I opened mums medicine cabinet and found one of her shaving razors and unwrapped it. Mum was still knocking on the door asking me to unlock it.

Maybe there's a hetero heaven.

The bath tub was deep enough for me feet so I stepped in, my mothers were trying to knock the door down by now. I rolled my sleeve up and started to draw a line on my wrist. I kept going because it felt so good. 

The last thing I saw before I blacked out, before I died was my mothers running in the room, screaming my name...

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