Save You Tonight

Julia was at the fair with her friend Eleanor. She wanted to go on a roller coaster but Eleanor was to scared so she decided to go on it by herself. when it was her turn to get on she sat on the right seat then Harry Styles sat next to her on the left seat. What happens from there read to find out.

~This story is about my friend Julia~


7. What?

Julia's p.o.v


I woke up and noticed Harry was gone. I got up from bed and went to go take a shower. When I finished I took out one of Harry's t shirt and sweat pants. I put them on and went down stairs. I made some breakfast and watched some tv. I then got a call from Eleanor.

~Phone Convo~

E-Hey do you want to go get some lunch later?

J-Sure where? about starbucks?


E-Okay see you in two hours

J-Okay bye

~End Of Phone Convo~

I walked to my house and quickly changed. I put on black shorts with a purple shirt that said love. I then but on my combat boots and did my make up. I brushed my hair and left it wavy. I grabbed my purse and went outside to my car. I then drove to starbucks.

When I got there I saw Eleanor sitting at a table, went up to her and sat down. 'Hey' I said. 'Hey so how's it going with you and Harry' she asked excited. 'Good what about you and Louis?' I asked. 'Amazing yesterday we went on a date and kissed' she said bushing. 'Yay Harry and I also went on a date and kind of had sex again' I said turning red. 'OMFG what do you mean with again how many times have you did it with him?' she asked almost screaming in my face. 'Two times' I said shyly. 'Do you guys use a condom?' she asked freaking out. 'Yes?' I said but it came out more as a question. 'Was that a yes or no? she asked. She asks a lot of questions. 'Well only the first time but im not sure about the second time...I think we did' I said confused. 'oh' was all she said.

We talked for awhile until she had to home.


~2 weeks later~


I woke and ran to the bathroom, I through up. I brushed my teeth and went downstairs. I wasn't hungry today so I sat on the couch. I got my laptop and went on twitter. I then started thinking and noticed Harry hasn't called or texted my at all. I tried calling him but he wouldn't answer, he's probably performing.

I went upstairs to go change but I suddenly had the urge to through up again so I ran to the bathroom. When I finished I went back to m room to change. I put on some yoga pants and a blue sweat shirt on. I then put my hair in a pony tail and put my converse on. I decided not to wear make up today since im not feeling well. I got a text, I was hoping it was Harry but it was Eleanor.

Eleanor-Hey want to go to the mall?

Julia-No im not feeling well

Eleanor-What's wrong?

Julia-I'm not sure through up twice this morning

Eleanor-You should go to the doctor i'll go with you


Eleanor-I'll be there in 5



5 minutes later there was a knock on the door. I went to go open it and it was Eleanor. 'Ready to go?' she said. 'Yup let me get my purse' I said. I got my purse then went outside and got in her car. 'So how's it going?' she asked. 'Horrible, Harry hasn't texted or called me since he left' I said sad. 'Really Louis calls me all the time' she said feeling bad. 'Oh' I said as we arrived at the hospital.

We went in and it was kind of empty, so we got attended right away. 'So hat's the problem?' the doctor asked. 'We I haven't been feeling well I through up twice this morning' I said. 'Okay have you been on your period?' she asked. I thought for awhile. 'Actually know that I think about it no I haven't' I said a little scared. She gave me a cup. 'Go pee in it its for a pregnancy test' she said. 'Wait you think I could be pregnant?' I asked. 'Yes unless you're a virgin?' she asked. 'Oh no im not a virgin' I said as I walked to the restroom.

I can back and handed her the cup. She then left to test it. Eleanor came into the room so I wouldn't be alone. After hat seemed for ever the doctor came back with the results.

'Congratulations Julia you are having a baby' the doctor said.

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