Save You Tonight

Julia was at the fair with her friend Eleanor. She wanted to go on a roller coaster but Eleanor was to scared so she decided to go on it by herself. when it was her turn to get on she sat on the right seat then Harry Styles sat next to her on the left seat. What happens from there read to find out.

~This story is about my friend Julia~


9. Old Friend Comes Back

Julia's p.o.v


As I was lying down on my bed my phone started to ring. It was Louis but I didn't feel like talking to anyone. I just wanted to be alone. I feel like ending it all but I cant I have a daughter to think of now. She's the only good thing from all this, I just wish I wasn't so stupid. I should have taken things slow with him.

I heard someone knock on the door but I didn't feel like opening so I just ignored it. They kept knocking on the door so I decided to go open it.


Harry's p.o.v


I kept knocking on the door but no one would open. I was about to leave when Julia finally opened the door. When she saw me she was about to close the door but I stopped it. 'Harry please go I don't want to fight' she said sad. She look like she has been crying. 'I don't want to fight I just want to talk' I said feeling bad. 'There's nothing to talk about' she said about to close the door again. 'Yes there is maybe you can explain this to me' I said holding up the pictures. 'Fine' she said leading me into her flat.

'What do you want to know?' she said not looking at me. 'How did this happen? I'm I the father? Are you really pregnant?' I asked. 'Okay slow down, first of all yes im pregnant, Yes you are the father and it happened the last day before you left on tour' she said quietly. 'How can I be so sure im the father you could have had sex with some other guy right after I left' I said not trying to be mean. 'I WOULD NEVER DO THAT I ACTUALLY THOUGHT WE WERE DATING UNLIKE YOU, YOU WENT AND GOT YOURSELF ANOTHER FUCKING GIRL FORGETTING ABOUT ME YOU WOULDNT ANSWER MY CALLS WHEN I CALLED TO TELL YOU THE NEWS' she yelled with ears rolling down her face. 'HOW CAN I BE SO SURE?' I asked yelling back. 'Well if you want we can do the DNA test when the baby is born but I am going to tell you one thing, even if you do believe me im going to take care of the baby by myself I don't need your help or no one else's to take care of the baby' she said almost yelling. 'Fine we'll do a DNA test but if it is mine I want the baby in my life' I said a little mad. 'No because once we get the results im moving back to the U.S now leave' she said pointing at the door. 'Fine i'll leave' I said waking out the door.

I got back to my flat and all the lads were still here. 'What happened? Where did you go?' Liam asked worried. 'I went to go talk to Julia Where's Emily?' I asked. 'She left and said she doesn't want to see you ever again' Niall said. 'Fine with me' I said not caring. 'So what happened?' Louis asked. 'Well once the baby is born we're doing a DNA test but she said once we find out the results she's moving back to the U.S' I said a little sad. 'Wow you really messed up' Zayn said. I just went up to my room and locked the door. I just sat on my bed thinking about everything that has happened and everything that's going to happen.


Julia's p.o.v


Once Harry left I went to my room and laid down on my bed thinking. Was I too mean? Did he hate me? Did he care if I left? What am I going to do? All these questions were just going through my head. After awhile I feel asleep.

I woke up and went to the kitchen. I made some eggs, when I finished eating I went up to my room. I wasn't in the mood for doing anything so I decided to stay in my room and watch tv all day. I heard someone knock on the door but this time Im not going to open it just in case its Harry. I then got a call it was Zac. We used to be best friends till I moved to London. I think we still are but im not sure. I quickly answered the phone.

~Phone Convo.~

Zac-Hey can you open the door?

Julia-Your the one knocking?



~End Of Phone Convo~

I ran down stairs and opened the door. When I saw him I quickly gave him a hug and let him in. 'How did you know where I live?' I asked. 'Your mom told me' he said. 'Of course but im so glad to see you' I said hugging him again. 'Yeah same here but what's up with you look bigger?' he said laughing. 'Yeah im kind of pregnant' I said and he stop laughing. 'Really omg so you're married?' he asked a little sad. '' I said sad. 'Oh so you have a boyfriend' he said. 'No I was dating a guy well at least I thought we were dating but turns out he was just using me for sex so before he left on tour we kind of had sex the next two weeks later I found out I was pregnant' I said remembering. 'Three months after I found out I was pregnant he came back from tour so yesterday and I saw him kissing another girl he then told me he was only using me I then through the pictures of the ultra sound at him and left he later came back and we got into an argument' I said with tears rolling down my cheek. 'What do you mean with the whole tour thing who is he?' he asked. 'Harry Styles' I said quietly. 'THAT ASSHOLE' he said getting mad and gave me a hug.

'So what are you having?' he asked a little more calm. 'Girl' I said smiling a little. 'Cool' he said smiling. After awhile while of talking it was late so I told him to stay since I had to extra bedrooms. We ate dinner then went to sleep.


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