Save You Tonight

Julia was at the fair with her friend Eleanor. She wanted to go on a roller coaster but Eleanor was to scared so she decided to go on it by herself. when it was her turn to get on she sat on the right seat then Harry Styles sat next to her on the left seat. What happens from there read to find out.

~This story is about my friend Julia~


10. Jealousy

Julia's p.o.v


I woke up to the smell of food. I went downstairs and saw Zac cooking in the kitchen. When he saw me he came up to me and gave me a hug.

'Good morning sleepy head' he said smiling. 'Morning so what are you cooking?' I asked. 'Eggs and bacon' he said as I started setting up the table. 'Cool, I'm staving' I said with my stomach grumbling. 'I can tell and it looks like your not the only one that's hungry' he said laughing. 'Yup were both hungry' I said putting my hand on my stomach. He then finished cooking and put food in the two plates I set up.

When we finished eating I went up to the bathroom to take a shower. When I finished I put on a loose white shirt with sweatpants. I then put on some uggs and put my hair up in a pony tail. I then went downstairs and saw Zac watching tv. When I sat next to him he looked at me.

'Hey do want to go walk around the park?' he asked. 'Sure let me just go get my phone' I said getting up. I ran up to my room and grabbed my phone. I then ran outside and saw Zac waiting for me. We got in the car and I drove us to the park.

When we got to the park we started walking around and talking. 'So do you have any names picked out for the baby yet?' he asked. 'Nope' I said looking at the kids playing on the swings. 'Oh so have you talked to Harry?' he asked. I actually haven't thought about Harry since Zac got here. 'No I don't really want to fight with him again' I said quietly with a tear rolling down my cheek. 'If I were him I would treat you so much better, he doesn't deserve you love' he said then started leaning in. He kissed me.


Harry's p.o.v


I woke up with Louis jumping on my bed. 'WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP' he was yelling. 'Im tired' I wined. 'So lads and I want to go play football/soccer' he said still jumping on my bed. 'Then go ill stay here in bed' I said pulling the covers over my head. 'No you have to come now go change' he said pulling the covers off me, then walking out my room.

I got up and changed into some sweatpants and a plain white t shirt. I then put on my shoes and did my hair. When I finished I went downstairs and saw the boys were already ready. When they saw me they started walking out the door and I followed them. We decided to walk there since its not far away from our flat.

'So vas happening?' Zayn asked. 'I'm tired' I said glaring at Louis. 'I meant with Julia have you thought about her?' he asked. 'Yeah I have specially the baby, I cant believe I told her all those mean things' I said looking at the ground. 'Well you know you can always say sorry' he said. 'I know but in this cases sorry wont help' I said as we got to the park.

I didn't feel like playing so I decided to walk around. I turned around and saw Zayn coming over. 'Aren't you going to play?' I asked. 'I did but then I decided to come walk with you' he said. 'Thanks' I said.

We walked for a while so we decided to go back with the rest of the lads. As we were walking back I saw Julia. I was about to walk up to her when some guy she was with kissed her. I got so angry I'm not sure why though. I was turning red and started to walk up to them. 'I'm going with' Zayn said.


Julia's p.o.v


I pushed Zac away and was about to say something when I heard Harry. 'Why are you kissing him?' Harry said mad. Why is he mad? He has no right to be mad. 'First of all I can kiss who ever I want were not together remember and second of all I didn't kiss him he kissed me' I said a bit mad. 'I know but...its just...never mind' he said and was about to walk away but Zac pulled him back. 'Your that asshole that hurt Julia?' Zac said mad. 'Just leave it Zac' I said. 'No' he responded then punch Harry in the face and then in the stomach. Harry then fell to the floor and Zac started kicking him. 'NO STOP IT ZAC YOUR HURTING HIM' I yelled as tears started rolling down my cheek. Zayn then pulled him away from Harry.

'How could you leave' I yelled at Zac and he then walked away. I kneeled down in front of Harry. 'Are you ok? why didn't you fight back?' I asked helping him up. 'Yes im ok but I didn't fight back because I deserved what he did to me, I was an asshole to you and im sorry seen you with him just got me so jealous and I realized something...' he was about to say something but I stopped him. 'Lets go get you cleaned up' I said dragging him to my car. 'No I need to tell you this' he said stopping. 'Later' I said not wanting to hear it. 'NO' he insisted. 'Fine' I said.

'I realized that I...I love you and I want to be with you' he said cupping my face.

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