Save You Tonight

Julia was at the fair with her friend Eleanor. She wanted to go on a roller coaster but Eleanor was to scared so she decided to go on it by herself. when it was her turn to get on she sat on the right seat then Harry Styles sat next to her on the left seat. What happens from there read to find out.

~This story is about my friend Julia~


8. Harry Finds Out

Julia's p.o.v


'Congratulations Julia you are having a baby' the doctor said. 'WHAT' Eleanor and I both yelled at the same time. 'Aren't you happy?' the doctor asked. 'Yeah im just shocked' I said. 'Are you happy?' the doctor asked. 'Um...yeah' I said smiling. 'Good im going to be your doctor' she said with a smile. 'Okay' she said as I left.

We went back to the my house and just sat on the couch for awhile in silence. 'So...are you going to tell Harry?' Eleanor asked. 'Yeah I just don't now how' I said. 'Call him right know' she said. 'Okay' I said.

I called Harry 5 times but he was not answering. 'Try calling Louis' I said. 'Okay' 'Hello, are you performing? okay im going to pass you Julia' she said on the phone.

~Phone Convo~

Julia-Hey is Harry there?


Julia-Can you pass me him I have something important to tell him

Louis-Um...he's busy

Julia-Are you sure is that or he just doesn't want to talk to me because I have been calling but he hasn't answer

Louis-Um...I have to go talk to you later bye

Julia- don't you dare...

~End Of  Phone Convo~

'He just hung up on me there is something wrong' I said sad. 'Yeah' she replied.


~3 months later~


The boys are coming back to day so im going to go visit them after the doctors appointment. I got ready and left. I got out and went inside. They attended me right away. 'Hello how are you feeling today?' Dr. Gracie asked. 'I'm good what about you?' I asked. 'Im fine have you told the father?' she asked. 'No I haven't talked to him but im going to tell him today' I replied. 'Good now lets see what your having' she said as I laid down on the small bed.

She put gel thing for the ultra sound. 'Well here we can see the head' she said pointing to it. 'And here we can see its a girl' she said. 'Yay i have always wanted a baby girl' I said with my eyes getting watery. 'Well congratulations' she said smiling. 'You can now leave' she said. 'Thank you' I said taking the pictures she printed out for me.

I walked out to my car really happy. I got in and drove to Harry's house. When I got there I knocked on the door. Zayn opened the door. 'Hey' I said. 'Oh um hi' he said looking nervous. 'Is Harry home I have something important to tell him?' I asked. 'Um no' he said not looking at me. 'He Zayn who's at the door' Harry yelled from inside. I stormed inside and saw Harry kissing another girl. 'Your cheating on me' I yelled as tears rolled down my face. 'We were never dating don't you remember I never asked you to be my girlfriend' he said not caring about my feeling. 'I HATE YOU HARRY EDWARD STYLES' I yelled in his face then slapped him. I through the pictures from the ultra sound at him and stormed out his house.

I went back to me house and just laid on my bed for the rest of the day.


Harry's p.o.v


Julia through something at me then stormed out the flat. I grabbed the pictures she through at my and looked at them. 'Why did she through pictures of an ultra sound at you?' Liam asked. 'I don't know' I said confused. Louis then looked at the ground like if he knew something. 'Louis what do you know' I asked calm. 'Um...nothing why?' he said nervous. 'WHAT DO YOU KNOW?' I asked again but this time yelling. 'Okay okay ill tell you' he said scared. 'Okay' I responded. '2 weeks after we left on tour Eleanor took her to the doctor because she wasn't feeling well there she found out that she was pregnant and today Julia was going to find out the gender of the baby' he said. 'WHAT SHES PREGNANT?' I yelled shocked. 'Yeah' he said quietly.

I stormed out the house and to Julia's flat.

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