Save You Tonight

Julia was at the fair with her friend Eleanor. She wanted to go on a roller coaster but Eleanor was to scared so she decided to go on it by herself. when it was her turn to get on she sat on the right seat then Harry Styles sat next to her on the left seat. What happens from there read to find out.

~This story is about my friend Julia~


15. Giving birth

Julia's p.o.v


I woke up and went straight downstairs. I went to go sit down on the couch and just sat there thinking. I then heard Harry walking down the stairs and then sat next to me.

'Good Morning babe' he said pecking my lips. 'Morning' I said putting my head on his chest. 'How are you feeling?' he asked. 'Um...well' I started. 'Tell me the truth' he said looking at me straight in the eyes. 'Well yesterday I went to bed because I started getting pain put I didn't think it was that important and well today the pain just go worst' I said hold my stomach. 'Why didn't you tell me lets take you to the hospital' Harry said getting up. 'No i'll be fine' I said going to the kitchen.

When I was in the kitchen and open the fridge. I looked down at the ground and saw a puddle of water under me. I knew exactly what it was. 'HARRY MY WATER BROKE' I yell. He then came running into the kitchen and carried me to the couch. He then came back down stairs with my suitcase, then help me out to his car.

We soon got to the hospital and some nurses but me on a bed, then took me to a room. The pain started getting worst. Harry grabbed my hand and looked stared me straight in the eyes.

'Julia everything is going to be okay it'll be over soon' he said kissing my forehead. 'I hope so' I said. 'I called the lads, they are on their way' he said. Suddenly Dr. Gracie came in.

'The nurses are going to take you to the delivery room' Dr. Gracie said walking out the door. A few minutes later two nurses come into the room and take me and harry to the delivery room. 'It will all turn out find' Harry said as we went in.

After a few more hours of waiting Dr. Gracie finally comes in. Harry took my hand in his as I started pushing.

'Come Julia your almost there' the doctor said. I then pushed harder, and then I heard a baby crying. I looked at the baby for a few seconds before I blacked out.


Harry's p.o.v


Once the baby was out the doctor asked me if I wanted to cut the cord, so I said yes and walked over there. After I cut the cord, I saw Julia look at the baby with a smile before she blacked out. Then there was this beeping noise.

'What's going on?' I asked freaking out. 'Get him and the baby out of here' the doctor said. 'No I'm staying what's going on?' I asked again worried. 'She lost to much blood' Dr. Gracie said. 'No No No you got to help her she cant die' I said with tears forming in my eyes. Some nurses came over to me and dragged my out of the room.

'Hey mate how's...what's wrong?' Louis asked worried. 'Julia she...she lost to much blood' I said crying. 'She's cant die' Eleanor said screaming as tears rolled down her eyes. 'I don't know if she's died yet' I said looking at the floor.

After a what seemed a long time, Dr. Grace came out of the room. 'How is she?' I quickly asked. 'She fine the nurses are going to take her to room 228' she said. 'What about the baby?' I asked. 'A nurse is getting her cleaned up and will take her up to the room so Julia could feed her' she said. 'Thank you' I said as she walked away. 'Your welcome'

We hurried up to  the room that they were taking Julia to. Once we walked in I saw her. I ran up to her and hugged her. 'Ow' she said. 'Sorry its just that you scared me I thought you were going to die' I said as a tear escaped from my eyes. 'I will never leave you or Darcy' she said whipping my tears away with her thumb.

A nurse then came in with Darcy. 'What are you going to name her?' the nurse asked. 'Darcy Noel Styles' I said taking her from the nurse. 'Okay ill be back in a hour so you can feed her' the nurse said walking out the door. 'She's beautiful just like you' I said giving Julia a kiss. 'She is beautiful' Julia said taking her from my arms so she can feed Darcy.

 When she finished feeding Darcy, the lads came into the room. 'Give me my niece' Niall said taking her from Julia. 'She adorable' Zayn said kissing her cheek. 'Well she is my daughter' I said laughing. 'Yup' Julia said smiling. Eleanor then went up to her and hugged her. 'I thought I lost my best friend' she said. 'Nope I'm sill alive' Julia said.

After awhile of talking and laughing a nurse came in and took Darcy so she could sleep. The lads and Eleanor left. 'You should go home and rest' Julia said. 'No I'm not leaving you or Darcy alone' I said. 'I love you' she said. 'I love you too' I said before she fell asleep.


~3 Days Later~


Julia and Darcy are finally coming home. Eleanor planned a little party to celebrate that Darcy is coming home. When we got to out flat I opened the door carrying Darcy.

'Welcome Home Darcy' The lads yelled. Everyone came and gave Julia a hug except for Niall, once he say Darcy he came and took her. 'I missed you so much' Niall said hugging the baby. We all just laughed.

'Now that the baby is born we have something important to do' Eleanor said excited. 'What?' Julia asked. 'To plan the perfect wedding'




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