The Way of Him and I.

Keller is the shy guy who has lived in the same place since he was born. Clark is the girl who has moved around a lot. Next door neighbors they become. What happens when Keller opens his heart up to the new girl? Or when Clark fall hard for the shy guy, Keller?


2. come in.

Summer just started here in Wisconsin. My mom signed me up for this camp for high-schoolers. It looks so dumb. I don't know anyone....

"Clark can you come downstairs, for a second?" 

i walked down the stairs wondering about the boy i saw outside. 

"There is someone outside looking for you."


I looked around the door to see this woman maybe early 40's. I was pretty puzzled. 

"Hi I'm Diana Scott, are you the new girl? I just met your wonderful mother and your siblings. My son and I live next door and you both are in the same grade. You're 16 right?"

"I'm Clark, yes."

"Great! Keller is too. I will send him over later to meet you, but he's kind of shy. So we will see what happens. haha. Anyways I just wanted to welcome you to the neighborhood." She gave me a big smile.


Ms. Scott seemed really sweet. Keller, thats his name. I lay on this new plush bed thinking to myself, what if he thinks I'm a total loser? He is totally out of my league. 

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