The Silly Life of Daisy Hatake

"Sometimes being a teenager makes you want to die." -Jenna Hamilton

It's true. Life sucks. But those who want to have sexual intercourse without protection make us; Humans. And that's how the world is evolving with one baby born each second, every minute of a different day. And right from the sperm egg, to mitosis, to birth, we suffer what we have ahead of us. . . LIFE.

-Daisy Hatake


1. Chapter 1 - Daisy Hatake

Chapter 1 – Daisy Hatake


            School life irritates me. Home is boring. And the world is cruel.

Why couldn’t I have been born like normal children? Or is there even a definition of “normal”. I was born with dark strawberry blonde hair; it changes to medium brunette in the dark. I’m mixed with both Asian and European blood. I look more Asian than European. I’m 5’3 and sometimes I wish I was invisible. Actually no, I take that back. I already am!

I was born on May 17th. So I’m a Pisces I think. . . Anyway I attend Miobeca (Uniform) High. My middle name doesn’t matter and I’m in my third year of high school. You could say that I’m “anti-social” but really, I chose not to have anyone by my side because ‘friends’ betray each other. So to save myself from pain, I keep my distance. I like being alone, eating lunch on top of the school roof alone, sitting at the back of class by the window alone, and mainly going home with no one in the apartment.


And that’s all there is to my li-


“DAIIISYYY! Good morning Daisy!”



^ This girl here is Jessica Charles. Personality?  She’s annoying (To Me) and that’s all I got to say about her. Her appearance? Uh. . She has long wavy (dyed) blonde hair and has nice long legs. I’m guessing she’s about 5’8. Her skin tone is peach and she is definitely not flat-chested. She has everything a man could want. I got to say she’s the definition of perfect.

          **BACK TO THE STORY**


“Hey did you study last night for the math quiz today? I totally forgot!” Jessica has always been a whiny girl. It’s annoying. She’s annoying.

“Course I did.” I began to walk away to my first period class (which was math) but Jessica still followed me! I couldn’t help but feel frustrated and mainly annoyed.

I finally reached Homeroom 23 and ahh there it is. My beautiful, isolated seat by the window in the back, left corner. Weird how I’ve been in this specific classroom for over 7 years.  My brother Ryan used to have this homeroom teacher. I believe his name was “Mr. Wally”. (A.K.A known as “Waldo”) And yes I’m talking about Waldo in those eye-sighting books where you have to find the man in a red and white striped sweater with a hat and blue jeans. How ironic that Mr. Wally wears the same outfit as Waldo every day. It seems like he has a never ending closet full of red and white striped sweaters!


GAHH! She’s still here?! Jessica has trigonometry with me?!

 “What do you want?!” I pretty much said this with the harshest tone EVER. Whoops.

            Oh great. Jessica looks like she’s on the verge of crying. What a wimpy shrimp. And as I guessed, she left my side to go sit across the room far away from me laying her head between her arms on the desk. I stared for a few minutes seeing the girls and boys in the class coming to comfort her.

Why? What did she do that needs “comforting”?  So she cried over something not even hurtful?

High school is so confusing.

            When I turned my attention back to the window of the outside Hell, there was a chill feeling down my spine. All I saw outside was the shimmering grass from the peaceful sunrays.

Is that what made me freak out?

Having light around me is bad?

            Maybe I do belong in the dark. . . There’s no escape for me. No ray of light will ever come to show me the wonderful emotions people possess.

I wonder what it’s like to be normal. . . .


It’s noon and now it’s lunch time. Time for my usual routine; eating on the roof.

I rushed towards my locker by the boys’ restroom on the upper level second floor. Thank God the hallways are empty. The seniors are still in class so now’s my time to quickly grab anything I need for the rest of the day. As I reached my destination, the locker sprawled out with notes and pieces of paper jammed in my locker. Most of the notes were saying “You’re so mean! Apologize to Jessica you dumb b*tch!” or “Kill yourself you sl*t!!”. There was a hurt feeling on my chest while reading these notes. Is this “getting affected by other’s words” mean?


HA! Yeah right! It’s going to take A LOT more than a bunch of stupid letters to hurt this tough gal. Anyways I grabbed my lunch bag, stuffed my morning books into the locker, and grabbed everything for my afternoon classes. Just as I slammed it shut, the bell rang and out came the rampaging teens. It’s horrible. The guys smell like gym butt and the girls try way too hard to grab the guy’s attention. It’s the same thing every day. And people want to say I’m a slut. Pfft!

I’ve sped-walked like never before, pushing past everyone. It’s not like no one noticed me. I’m short! And they’re all like 5’8 feet and taller! It took a few long seconds but I reached the stairway to the school’s rooftop. This is my private area. Not long til I’ve reached the top and felt the sun rays hit my cold, pale skin. This felt nice. It was warm and a bit windy outside today.

The perfect weather.

“You’re late.” He says as he throws away the cigarette and stomps on it till the black ashes make a mark on the cement.

“And you’re not supposed to be here.” I crossed my arms. This was the 5th time my brother skipped a day from his college.



^ Meet Ryan Hatake, my brother. He’s obnoxious and only smokes when he’s stressed. Ryan’s half European and half Asian too and looks a lot more Asian. Just like me! Well he dresses up as a casual dude or I don’t know and plans to go with whatever in the future. Our parents are pretty strict and I can tell how disappointed they are in Ryan’s effort to work. Believe it or not, he’s very smart.



“So what’s brothering you?” I stepped forward to the balcony.

“Nothin’. Can’t a brother visit his adorable little sister?” Ryan says in a child-like voice as he looked over my left shoulder.

“What’re you looking at?” I slowly turned around and saw a tall (of course) man walking towards my way.

“Who’re you?”  Ryan looked pretty pissed. I guess he didn’t want to deal with any teacher’s bullshit right now. It’s not a good idea to mess with Ryan when he’s in a bad mood.

“You should always remember your old pals Ryan.” The man chuckled. He was wearing a plain t-shirt with a flannel over. The dark washed jeans fit him and the hair is straight-fluffy. It was a fresh Korean styled cut and the hair color is brown with a small mix of burgundy with a small mix of brown. I got to say, this guy was GROSS.

 “You’re thinking out loud stupid.” Ryan scoffed at me.


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