A New Life ( Niall Fan Fiction )

Grace Smith lives in California and she goes to Woodlands High. She loves her school even though people there don't really like her. She is used to it a lot now. She only have one best friend and her name is Maddie. They do almost everything together. They even consider themselves sisters. What happens when her mom gets a job in London? Will she have to start a new life? Will she have new friends? Will she meet someone special on the way? What happens when Grace and Maddie separate? Read to find out :) Enjoy!


2. Moving Away!?

I ran upstairs to change out of my clothes I wore today. I changed into some sweat pants and a Venice Beach Lifeguard sweater. I was running down the stairs. "When are we going to tell her?" My mom said. I stopped dead in my tracks. The nosy person I am I listened to my dad and mom's conversation. "Well it has to be sooner or later. Besides, she needs to adapt to new things" My dad said in a serious tone. "Yeah, your right. Maybe it wont be so bad in London." Wait, WHAT!?! LONDON? ARE WE MOVING? NO, NO, NO, THIS CANNOT BE HAPPENING. I ran in my room and slammed the door shut and cried into my pillow. I cant just leave Maddie here! We've been friends since we were 7 years old! She'll think I'm a horrible person for leaving just like that. Someone knocked on my door. "Sweetie, We need to talk about this." I didn't answer My mom slowly came in and sat on the side of my bed. " I cant leave Maddie. I cant leave this place. I cant leave. This house holds my childhood memories. I've gone so far and now I'm just leaving." I muffled into my pillow "I know honey, but I guarantee you'll love it in London!" My mom said trying to cheer me up. Which didn't, At all. "and What if I don't like it there?" I said sobbing. "You have to trust me, Gracie. Start packing, we're leaving tomorrow after you come home from school." She just left the room. I text Maddie.   

                                   Grace: I have something important to tell u tmrw

                                Maddie: Okay then. See u tmrw.


I started to pack all my clothes.

A few minutes later I was already done and I was exhausted. it was 10:00 pm. I fell on the bed and as soon as my head hit the pillow I was out.



Geez. Its already morning. Next thing you know ill be in London. I rubbed my eyes and went to the shower and got in and out quick. I put on a Light green thin shirt, denim shorts,  and light green vans. I curled my ginger red hair, and then put a beanie on. http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=101018167   I grab my phone and my wallet and my backpack and then I leave.

I walk to see Maddie at the lockers. I walk over to her and I gave her a hug. "Whats the big news you wanted to tell me?" "So.. I- Um- I'm moving to London. My mom got a new job there so we're moving there." I was almost in tears. a tear already went down Maddie's cheek. I wiped it away and gave her a huge hug. "Please don't forget about me, Gracie." She said her voice cracking. "I will never.  I'll promise to call and text you everyday." "We can Skype." I say trying to cheer her up. She nods while a tears stream down her face. "Don't cry, Maddie. No matter what, I'll always be there right next to you, even if I was a billion miles away." She doesn't say a word. She just nods. "Come on lets get to class." We come in the classroom and sit by the window again. Sydney comes in with a bandage on her nose. I laughed to myself. She didn't say anything. She just went to the back of the classroom with her posse of blondes. For some reason Hunter wasn't here today. Weird.


It was time to leave school. I gave Maddie a gigantic hug before I left. "Don't ever forget me, Gracie, okay?" "How could I forget you?" "Bye Gracie." "Bye Maddie." I sighed. "I'll call you when I get off my flight." She nods. "Bye." "Bye Grace." after that we both went home.


I came home and the car was full of luggage. "Grace, get in the car! We're leaving now!" I just got in the car without saying a word. We were off to the airport.

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