A New Life ( Niall Fan Fiction )

Grace Smith lives in California and she goes to Woodlands High. She loves her school even though people there don't really like her. She is used to it a lot now. She only have one best friend and her name is Maddie. They do almost everything together. They even consider themselves sisters. What happens when her mom gets a job in London? Will she have to start a new life? Will she have new friends? Will she meet someone special on the way? What happens when Grace and Maddie separate? Read to find out :) Enjoy!


8. Morning

A/N: Sorry that I haven't updated in awhile, I promise to do a few chapters tonight! I'm glad you guys enjoy this, it means so much to me. Love you guys!! :)



I woke up on Niall's couch. I looked around to see Niall cooking in the kitchen. I got up slowly and shuffled to the kitchen. "My head hurts." Niall smirked. "Here." He gave me pills and water. I took the pills and chugged down the water. "Pancakes?" I nodded slowly. He put 2 pancakes on a plate for me with some orange juice. "Thanks." Niall nodded. He put a stack on his plate and I laughed. I hogged down the whole thing in 5 minutes. I checked the time on my phone. It was ten. "Shit." I cursed under my breath. My parents are going to kill me. "Niall, can you drive me home?" "Yeah, sure." I went upstairs to change into my regular clothes. I grabbed my phone and wallet. I went downstairs and Niall was waiting for me at the door. We both went outside to his car. He opened the door for me and he jogged around the car to his seat.

**skip car ride**


We arrive at my house. Niall parked the car in front. "That was fun last night, we should do that again sometime." He smiled at me. "Yeah totally. I'll see you later." I hugged him and he kissed my cheek. I blushed furiously. I got out of the car and waved to him. He waved back and drove away. I walked up to my house and walked in. I went to the kitchen and saw a note on the table. It says Hi Grace, We will be back at 11pm, We have a late night shift tonight. I left food in the microwave in case you got hungry. Love you. -Mom & Dad

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