A New Life ( Niall Fan Fiction )

Grace Smith lives in California and she goes to Woodlands High. She loves her school even though people there don't really like her. She is used to it a lot now. She only have one best friend and her name is Maddie. They do almost everything together. They even consider themselves sisters. What happens when her mom gets a job in London? Will she have to start a new life? Will she have new friends? Will she meet someone special on the way? What happens when Grace and Maddie separate? Read to find out :) Enjoy!


4. Liam

I opened the door. A boy with wavy brown hair and brown eyes was standing there. He looks about my age. "Hi, are you the new neighbor? I'm Liam. I live next door." "Yeah, I'm Grace." We shook hands. "Come in." I said. He followed me to the couch.

"So, Tell me about yourself." He said with a smile. "Well, I'm from California. I moved here because my mom got a new job." I sigh. "It was really hard to leave. I grew up there with a best friend. I just didn't want to leave it all behind, you know?" I said with a frown. "It will be fine. I promise you'll love it here." He said with a warm smile. I just nodded. "Well I gotta go back home. I'll see you around, Grace" "Bye Liam, Thanks for stopping by." "No problem, Bye." "Bye"

I finished my mac & cheese and went to bed. I was so tired...



A/N: Sorry for the very short chapter, I'll try to make longer ones next time! Sorry!!

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