A New Life ( Niall Fan Fiction )

Grace Smith lives in California and she goes to Woodlands High. She loves her school even though people there don't really like her. She is used to it a lot now. She only have one best friend and her name is Maddie. They do almost everything together. They even consider themselves sisters. What happens when her mom gets a job in London? Will she have to start a new life? Will she have new friends? Will she meet someone special on the way? What happens when Grace and Maddie separate? Read to find out :) Enjoy!


10. Date night

I wake up to the sound of my phone ringing. I groaned. I grabbed my phone off of the nightstand.

"Hello?" I said in an annoyed tone. "Its Eleanor. I'm coming over to help you get ready." I looked at the screen of my phone to check the time. "But, its only 12!" I whined. "That's the fun of it! We have more time to get you ready!" I sighed "Fine." "Great, I'll be there in 30 minutes." "Okay, Bye." "Bye." I hung up.

I heard a knock at my door. Obviously Eleanor. I skipped down the stairs and speed walked to the door. I opened it. "Hi, Grace!" She gave me a huge hug. "Hi! Come in!" I stepped aside to let her walk in. We both ran up the stairs to my room. She turned on the curling iron in the bathroom and got out all of her makeup. She curled my hair and then brushed it out to make it look wavy. She did my makeup for 30 minutes. For the makeup, she did the smokey-eye. "Done. Now, I brought some dresses of mine for you to look at." She dragged me out of the bathroom into my room. She got a dress out of her bag and it was baby blue. It was flowy at the bottom. She got out another one that was tiny black dress.

We both agreed on the baby blue dress. She walked out of the room into the living room for me to change. I slipped in the dress. I looked into the mirror. It was beautiful. For the first time I actually feel confident. I walked out into the living where Eleanor was sitting. Her jaw dropped to the floor.

"You look gorgeous!!!" She squealed. I blushed. "Thanks for helping me." I gave her a big hug. "That's what friends are for." She smiled. She looked at her phone. "Well, I gotta go. I have to catch up with Louis." She smiled again. "Okay, have fun. Thank you so much. I wouldn't have done this without you." I hugged her one last time. "Don't worry about it." She smiled. She walked out of the house and drove off. It was only 4 pm, so killed the time by watching tv


I heard a knock at the door. I opened the door. It was Niall. He was wearing a blazer, skinny jeans and some gray vans. He looked gorgeous. "Wow, you look beautiful." I blushed. "Thanks. You don't look to bad yourself." I grabbed my phone, wallet and my bag. We both walked out and I locked the door behind me. We reached to his car and he opened the door for me. "Thanks." He nodded and smiled. He jogged around the car to the driver's seat. The car ride was silent, in a good way.


We arrived to this fancy restaurant. It looked really expensive. "Niall, this looks really expensive. I don't think I can afford this." I took out my wallet to see how much I have. "Babe, I would never let you pay for this." He shoved my wallet down. "But Niall-" "Its okay, I can pay for this. Stop worrying." "Okay..." I put my wallet back in my bag. We both got out of the car and walked up to the restaurant. We stopped at this big red carpet. Geez, This is really fancy. We walked up to the big counter. This busty blonde woman about my age was behind the counter. She kept smiling at Niall. She was really getting on my nerves. "Reservation for 'Horan' please." The woman behind the counter nodded and smiled at Niall. The way he said his last name made my heart melt. "Right this way." She lead us to a booth. Niall and I sat down.

"What kind of drinks can I get you guys?" She took his note pad and pen. "I'll have a water please." I said, fake smiling. "I'll have a Pepsi." She wasn't even looking at me when I said my order. She was just staring at Niall, but Niall was focused on me though, which was a relief. She nodded and smiled at Niall. "Ill be back with your drinks." and she walked off.

Niall and I were talking about our lives and where we were from. Niall is from Mullingar and has one brother and a nephew named Theo. It seems like he has a very nice family.

The blonde girl walked over here interrupting my thoughts. She came back with only a Pepsi.

 Are you fucking kidding me? "Here you go sir." She smiled and winked him. Shes still standing there like an idiot staring at him.

I coughed to break the silence "Wheres my water?" She finally looked at me. "Oh I'm sorry, I forgot about you." She was fake smiling. "Well I want my water, and I want it now please." She shrugged and walked off.

"Bitch." I said under my breath. Niall must've heard me because he chuckled. I smiled at him.

He put his hand on mine and stroked it. His touch gave me the chills.

We waited and a different waitress, thank god, gave us our food. "Thank you." The nice old lady smiled at me. "No worries!" She walked off. 

Niall got a mountain of food on his plate. I laughed at the thought of how much he loved food. he started to hog it down. I let out another small laugh.


We were both done and we walked out. When we reached the car, he kissed me and I kissed back. He asked for entrance and I immediately let him in. His tongue was exploring my mouth. He pulled back and he smiled

"I love you." Woah. Did he just say that he loves me? Wow. I found myself staring into his beautiful blue eyes. He opened the door for me and I hopped in. He got into the driver's seat. It was a silent ride once again.


Both of us made it to his house. He opened the front door for me and I walked in. He walked in, shutting the door behind him. He handed me his shirt and boxers and I went to go change in them. I walked back into his room and he was laying down on his bed with pajama pants and a shirt watching T.V. I crawled into bed with him. I snuggled into his chest and we kissed. He left a trail of kisses from my jaw to my collar bone. I let out a small whimper. Niall chuckled. He stopped kissing me and pulled me closer to him. I snuggled into his chest with his arms wrapped around me. He was already fast asleep. I couldn't fall asleep for a few minutes so I was staring at his beautiful face. He's so beautiful. His blue eyes are just gorgeous. His teeth looked like he had braces from long ago. He's just so perfect. I snuggled back into his chest again. I feel so safe when I'm with him. No one has ever made me felt this way before. All the other guys are just the same, but Niall is...different. He actually cares about me. No one really actually cared about me in this way. Maybe I should take a chance with him...

I finally fell asleep in his arms.

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